What’s Considered Attractive but Is Not Appealing to You? People Shared Their Thoughts.

Maybe I’m turning into an old man, but I really don’t understand the “hip” fashion trends these days.

Botox lips, high-waisted jeans, questionable footwear…it just doesn’t make sense!

And I definitely don’t find any of it attractive.

Let’s hear from AskReddit users about what’s considered attractive but doesn’t appeal to them.

1. We live in strange times.

“All the Kardashians.

They’re detrimental to society.”

2. Men from the woods.

“Huge muscles & facial hair. The lumberjack type.

It’s not attractive to me at ALL & we would look ridiculous together.”

3. Normalize it!

“Cosmetic plastic surgery (outside of reconstruction) injections, false eyelashes.

Can we PLEASE normalize natural beauty?”

4. Not into it.

“Really skinny girls.

For the most part I just generally find skinny people unattractive say for a few exceptions I also really h**e the idea skinny=pretty.”

5. Cut to the chase.

“Playing hard to get.

I’m 33, I’ve not got time to play games.

If you like me, f**king say so!”

6. Next!

“Boasting about your wealth.

Then declaring who you have supported for a ‘good’ cause.

Had this happen in a wedding once and I’m like…I don’t care.”

7. Annoying.

“People who replace perfectly fine words like doggy, puppies, human with non sense like doggo, pupper, hooman etc.

I downvote everytime I see those words being used.”

8. Is that real?


Aside from the fact that I generally prefer very pale women, a tan that didn’t happen under normal activity just looks wrong to me. Prominent tan lines are especially a turn off.

This isn’t to say that darker skinned women are automatically unappealing it just has to be their actual, natural color and not something they acquired in a tanning bed or out of a bottle.”

9. Had enough.


Specifically the ones where women put on filters and some corny caption “loving myself” “here for a good time” “today is going to be a good day”.”

10. Yuck.

“I don’t get the hype with beards.

Yes I like a guy to have SOME facial hair and some guys do pull off a longer beard, but for the most part I think the really long ones are gross.”

11. Not for you.

“Super muscular bodies,

I’m not talking about the body builder type, I’m talking about defined muscles on a body.

No clue why but I don’t find them attractive.”

12. Looks weird.

“Oversized a** when they have chicken legs.

Also giant lips. Over exaggeration of physical traits because they have no personality.”

Do you have something you feel this way about?

If so, share it with us in the comments.

Thanks a lot!