12 People Talk About Serious World Events That the Public Doesn’t Seem to Know About

We live in such a fast-paced world these days with countless places to get information that it’s easy to miss all kinds of important news stories.

But, lucky for us, these AskReddit users were nice enough to talk about serious world events that most people don’t know about.

Take a look at what they had to say.

1. Civil war.

“There’s a current civil war in Ethiopia that has left approximately 600,000 d**d since beginning in 2018.

It is a vicious war where both sides have been accused of forcing civilians to fight with very little training.”

2. Scary.

“Not a singular event, but that’s why it basically forgotten about: the drying of the Aral Sea.”

3. Starving.

“People in southern Madagascar have been facing a severe drought for the last two years.

More than a million left starving.”

4. A huge problem.

“It was on this documentary I saw THE shady World of fast fashion on YouTube.

All these mountains of used and unsold clothes from the first world are sold to western Africa. It’s a huge business there. They are then sold to venders who resell them. The left over clothes are sent to a dump near the ocean and the pile of them is unbelievable. It stretches for miles.

The environmental problems the textile industry causes at all levels from pesticides to water use and chemicals in dyes to transport of clothes is one of the number one pollution sources on the globe.”

5. Running dry.

“Almost every river that is being used for irrigation the world over is running deficits. Almost all of them to varying degree of deficit.

Some of them are being being mentioned here like the Syr Darya which leads to the Aral Sea, but the Colorado in America is responsible for about 10% of the entire worlds GDP. It used to flow into Mexico and now it’s starting to come up short in Nevada.

Much more geopolitically important rivers like the Nile and Indus are hitting much of the same deficits. As climate is changing this is going to lead to literally billions of people being food insecure as the former flood plain in which fed their farms disappears.

Grapes for example come primarily from California and Peru. They are a very water intense crop. They will quite soon cost so much to produce that they will no longer be marketable. Foods like bananas or coconuts will be more affordable and take up their space in supermarkets.

We need to remember the political upheaval of the Arab Spring that got started from an East Mediterranean drought. The plague and the lockdowns caused supply shocks we all still suffering from. Demand for food will be constant however supply of the capital needed i.e. farmland as well as supply of labor i.e. farmers is going to disappear in the next few decades.

If nations don’t start transitioning to green-housing and net zero irrigation then there will be a constant conflict as we have seen the last few years almost everywhere.”

6. War-torn.

“My education didn’t cover the Breakup of Yugoslavia which is brutal and fascinating.

Each country’s response, f**ked up leaders, and ensuing wars and genocides are all terrible events and I wish I’d known more about it sooner.”

7. Coup.

“There is a civil war in Myanmar (formerly Burma) between a Junta coup and the people who are anti-junta.

The Junta are responsible for the coup that saw the deposition of a popular democratically elected politician.”

8. OMG.

“Witch hunting in Africa.

People with albinism are targeted and their body parts are highly prized by witch doctors.”

9. Still feeling the impact.

“It’s not that people don’t know about Hurricane Katrina, it’s that people don’t realize that there are still people who live with its impacts, to this day, and many of their people might not have even been accounted for.

Many of the victims may have been swept out into the ocean, and many of them were bussed to various parts of the country. Many of these people were children separated from their parents, and never heard from again. Let that marinate.

I’m not saying this to spread conspiracy theories, I’m saying this because we tend to think that New Orleans rebuilt, that people d**d, and the dust settled.

But there are thousands of people who were never accounted for, so we don’t know whether they lived or d**d. We don’t know how many kids were taken advantage of, or anything.”

10. Shady history.

“99% of things the CIA has done and fully admitted to, but talking about any of them makes you sound like an actual crazy person.”

11. Resources.

“Democratic Republic of Congo is sitting on trillions worth of natural resources, including cobalt, and they are being deliberately destabilized by foreign nations and international corporations to prevent the locals gaining control over their own resources.”

12. Disturbing.

“The fact that the Western states drought has gone on for decades and Washington has zero interest in forcing the states to fix their water laws and contracts is quite disturbing.”

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