What Celebrity Downfall Made You Feel Bad? Here’s What People Said.

Those poor child stars who couldn’t adjust to adulthood and life after fame for one reason or another.

Those are the celebrities that I’ve always felt bad for.

I’m talking about Dana Plato, Gary Coleman, Todd Bridges, etc.

They were all big stars when they were kids and then had major downfalls after the cameras turned off.

Now let’s hear from AskReddit users about the celebrity downfalls that made them feel bad.

1. Blacklisted.

“All the women who lost (or were blacklisted for years) their careers for saying no to Harvey Weinstein.

Ashley Judd, Courtney Love, and Salma Hayek.”

2. Big ’80s star.

“Corey Feldman always makes me feel sad.

Especially when Barbara Walters said “You’re ruining the industry”, when he brought up his allegations.”

3. A true talent.

“Amy Winehouse.

She is definitely one of the saddest. She was a cash cow for her father and her husband, it was so sad. Watching the video of her last performance is terrible, her father had every exit off stage blocked by security forcing her to stay on and perform.

I read a book once about Amy (she’s one of my favorite artists) and in the book was a quote from a lifetime friend of hers that said “Amy was a true artist because Amy went as far as creating her own misery as from which she drew her inspiration for her music”

Amy Winehouse had a one in a million voice and was a incredible songwriter, the world lost a true talent when she d**d.”

4. Railroaded.

“Fatty Arbuckle.

Totally railroaded by a prosecutor who wanted to make a name for himself, finally acquitted after three trials, basically blacklisted by moralist s**tbags, and just as he was making his comeback he d**s of a heart attack.”

5. Sad story.

“Judy Garland.

Not one single person stood up for her for her entire life from being a very small child including her own mother.

She never had a chance from day one.”

6. Played out in public.

“Britney Spears.

And to think, at the time it was played for laughs like “What’s Wacky Britney going to do next?” but after the fact it’s pretty easy to see how much help she needed. She needed privacy and time to work out some very real struggles and the media were relentless. She had a full on mental breakdown and she was still hounded.

At least she’s free of the conservatorship but I hope she’s able to work through all the bulls**t of her youth and come out the other side.”

7. Sad story.

“Even if she could be a bit trashy, Anna Nicole Smith did not deserve losing her own son and then d**ng from an overdose.”

8. He’s back now!

“Paul Reubens (Pee Wee Herman).

Got caught mast**bating in an adult theater, which is the place one would mast**bate back in the day before the internet.”

9. Didn’t deserve that.

“Janet Jackson didn’t deserve for her career to be ruined while Justin Timberlake just shook it off and moved on.”

10. Lost it all.

“Sinead O’Connor.

Just told the truth on the biggest platform she’d ever had, only to lose it all as a result.”

11. Wasn’t enough.

“Anthony Bourdain.

That hurt the most. I honestly envied his life, I wanted to be him or to be what he showed everyday. Traveling around the world.

Eating delicious food from all around the world. That was IMO the absolute epitome of success. And it was so sad…seeing that it wasn’t enough…was absolutely earth-shattering for me.”

12. Tragic.

“Chris Farley.

I wish someone would’ve gotten through to him about his weight and drug use.”

Are there any celebs you’d like to add to the list?

If so, let us know in the comments.

Thanks in advance!