12 People Talk about the Biggest Liars They’ve Ever Met

Spending a lot of time with someone who lies constantly is pretty interesting.

On one hand, you can’t believe anything they say, but on the other hand, it’s non-stop entertainment!

Have you ever had to deal with a compulsive liar before?

AskReddit users shared their stories…

1. I can’t recall…

“Had a college roommate claim he had an uncle on the Supreme Court.

I asked him to name one Justice. Just one.

Not like, which is your uncle. Just name any of them.”

2. She lived quite a life.

“She flew a helicopter in Vietnam and slept with all the Rolling Stones.

She would say “Your never lonely when you’re Schizophrenic”.”

3. When I was famous…

“My mom was a very heavy drug user and would make up all sorts of things.

She told me she had a different name that she went by ‘when she was famous’, and would point out pictures of models and actresses that somewhat resembled her and tell me “Look, that’s mommy!”

But the worst lie by far was that she had a chronic illness and that her doctor prescribed her medication that she had to either snort or smoke that I couldn’t tell anyone about. She ended up accidentally burning our home down ‘baking donuts’ (meth lab) shortly after I moved in with my dad.

I was smart enough after a while to know what she was doing and it was my dream to see her again and help her make things better. She d**d of a fentanyl overdose days before I was supposed to visit her.”

4. That was a lie.

“That she used to be a bus driver before she worked in the shop I used to work at.

A couple months later I found out she doesn’t even have a driver’s license.”

5. Ouch.

“That he and his wife were in a loveless marriage, basically nothing more than roommates that had stayed together this long because of their kid.

But they were now in the final stages of divorce.

His wife was not aware of any of this.”

6. See this tan?

“His fake tan was because he was born in Puerto Rico (he was born in rural England to white English parents).

The fake tan would get very patchy, and that would be explained away by him saying he had a terrible skin disorder. One so bad his own skin could stain his clothing.

The white shirts unbuttoned far too low for him to be considered a reasonable gentleman did not help to cover that up for him.”

7. Sad.

“We had a kid at my high school who was obsessed with convincing everyone he was rich.

He would always talk about his Dad’s Lambos, how he didn’t have a job but “Had money coming in”. It was interesting because no one would ask and he’d just keep pushing the lie.

Eventually he posted a bank account photo on FB to “prove” how rich he was, and it was literally the first google result “big bank account”. It was sad.”

8. LIAR.

“My ex husband. He lied as easily as he breathed.

He would make up conversations that never happened, events that didn’t happen, etc. Eventually it got to the point I didn’t believe a single word he said. Master manipulator with his lies, too.

Example: He drove my car to work one day because I needed to use his pickup truck.

When he came home he asked of I knew someone who drove some certain kind of car. I did not.

He proceeds to tell me this car chased him down some back roads AND SHOT AT HIM. For no reason, he was just driving amd they started tailgating and getting aggressive so he took to the back roads.

I’m like “Dude what the hell kind of people do you think I know, and what stuff do you think I’m into?”

It completely didn’t happen but he was very accusatory to me about it that clearly these were people I knew and had given a reason to try to k**l me/whoever was driving my car.”

9. Weird.

“A couple of years ago I worked with a girl at a cinema, who would straight up tell some of the weirdest lies I have come across.

She started small at first, lying about her ability to speak different languages, her activities outside of work, some of her travelling experiences etc. No one really thought anything of it because at the time she had only just gotten the job and no one really had any reason to doubt her.

Over the course of her employment the lies slowly got more grandiose and outrageous, to the point that some of them just straight up didn’t make sense/line up with the times throughout the week she worked her shift.

Some of the larger ones she would tell include:

Flying from Melbourne to Singapore and then back to Melbourne for a work trip in 12 hours. She had finished work at around 11pm and returned at 5pm the following night.

Having travelled to France and having the Eiffel Tower closed down for a private tour/ date with a guy she had just met

Having completed continual photography work with both the Royal Family and Sir David Attenborough in the past (she was 18 at the time of her employment with the company).

Having met Jason Mamoa on multiple occasions and having a working role on his next project “in a few months” and having the cinema job as a way to pass the time.

And that’s just to name a few. By the end of her employment she couldn’t keep track of the stories she would tell and often have to backtrack when other employees would call her out on inconsistencies. She eventually resigned saying she had gotten a photography job at a large company over in the US and was leaving to go overseas.

Two weeks later one of the employees saw her working at a retail store in the same shopping centre the cinema was located in. To this day I don’t know why she felt the need to lie the way she did.

10. You poor thing.

“Had a friend in college who was a chronic liar.

He failed out, and was readmitted a year later.

He told girls that he had cancer and it went into remission.”

11. A confession.

“Real talk. I used to lie to everyone about a lot of things.

It has cost me my relationship with my parents and former partners and friends. It turns out that all those years of lying to the people I cared about were because I was lying to myself.

I realize that now, and I am sorry for every lie I told and I am sorry for the people I hurt.”

12. American hero.

“Had a friend lie saying he was in the Army but when we wanted to go to the bowling alley on the base he said he was never given a military ID.

Best one was that he said he was able to skip basic training and go straight into the Ranger program. He said his final assignment was to shoot and k**l a captured terrorist.”

Have you ever had to deal with a compulsive liar?

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