18 Truckers Share The Strangest Thing They’ve Seen On The Road

Every job in the world has its perks and its downsides, and unless you’ve worked each one, it can be hard to gauge what those might be.

For those of us who haven’t been over-the-road truckers, I think we imagine the freedom would be a total upside (and for me, being able to listen to a bunch of audiobooks every month), but also, you’re up there so high…surely you see some interesting things looking down into cars, right?

Well, these 18 truckers are here to clear up the mystery, because they have seen some things – and now they’re sharing them with you.

18. Wonder what that was all about.

Driving near midnight in Michigan around Thanksgiving 2015. The interstates in Michigan have a lower speed limit for trucks than for standard autos, plus average drivers speed more than truckers since a lot of the company rigs are governed anyways.

So I was used to whatever cars were on the road blowing past me. Saw headlights in the mirror and expected to get passed in a minute, but no one passed me. Looked down to see a small truck like a ford ranger matched speed with me, interior lights on, pants pulled down to his knees as he drove, soft d*%k just laying there and staring at me like I killed a kitten and he wanted to personally avenge it.

As soon as he saw me, he clicked the light off and sped away. Craziest thing I saw in my year on the road.

17. Safety first!

Strangest thing I’ve seen was a goat riding in the passengers seat like a person — even had a seatbelt on.

16. Wrong on so many levels.

A lady trying to change her baby’s diaper while steering with her damn knees.

15. The face I am making right now.

The absolute worst thing I ever witnessed was being parked next to a truck that was just rocking.

When I looked over there was a young kid sitting in the front seat, looking like he wished he was anywhere else in the world at that moment.

14. Fruit salad lady.

My favorite is: a lady with a cutting board on her lap, cutting up fruit and putting it into a bowl on the passenger seat.

Yes.. while driving. Making a damn fruit salad on the road.

13. Practice makes perfect.

I once saw a guy driving on I-35 in a minivan playing a trumpet. And no, that isn’t a euphemism for anything.

Edit to my comment, I had no idea so many people would respond. This happened in Kansas City.

12. A happy surprise.

Well the strangest thing I’ve ever had happen to me was a woman trying to pass me (loaded going up a hill) she succeeded, until I went down the hill. Then on the next hill, she drove by me, and smiled then waved.

I was so taken aback I didn’t know how to react. Usually they’re pissed, but she was smiling and waving while drinking her morning coffee

11. Don’t try this at home.

It was night time. Saw another truck driver with the interior cab lights on in Texas on I35.

Guy was using cruise control and was out of the driver seat butt naked and changing clothes while going down the road at 65mph

10. Down with pants.

In heavy traffic around Boston, on the Tobin Bridge, this guy reading a full-size newspaper, unfolded and completely obscuring his view. Every now and then he would fold down one corner slightly, and creep forward.

A bunch of different women steering with their knees, putting on makeup in the rear view mirror. A guy watching a movie on his cell phone. He was all over the road, speed all over the place.

Have seen people shaving, changing clothes, etc.

A surprising number of people drive without pants.

9. Well that’s terrifying.

My dad who is a truck driver always said “The hardest part of driving a semi is jumping out of your seat to climb into the sleeper and getting a drink out of the mini fridge before you ran off the road.”

8. That is not to-go food.

Came up next this slow-moving driver, looked over and she was eating a BOWL OF SOUP.

I guess she was driving slow to try to reduce spilling as much as possible. Like… put it in a thermos or a bowl with lid or… eat something not liquid?!

Also, there’s this couple I’ve seen a couple times near the yard. Passenger must be deaf, because the driver is signing to them, and has to look over for several seconds straight to see them signing back.

7. A glitch in the matrix.

Saw a guy practicing his guitar while driving.

I’ve seen this shit too, it always makes me think that I’ve found the glitch in the matrix where the NPCs are running script they aren’t supposed to because they haven’t fully rendered.

6. He obviously likes to gamble.

I saw a guy playing video poker on his phone. He was riding a motorbike. This was in Vietnam though, so you see tons and tons of people on their phones while riding.

Mostly using maps, sometimes texting, but video poker was a new one for me.

5. Here’s to more weirdness.

You got your blow jobs, girls flashing, arguments and throwing things at each other, applying make-up in the little sun blocker mirror while driving.

But my all time favorite 2 is the little dog humping a subway bag in the front seat and the white kid that caught me catching him watching black porn on his tablet in the back seat…

hope 2022 is even better.

4. An awkward encounter.

I used to drive a box truck for a living waaaay back before cell phones were a thing…

I once witnessed, while driving on a busy southern California highway, during the middle of a normal workday, a fairly young and very fit woman straddling and bouncing up and down on a man in the driver’s seat of a pickup truck (facing him) with her shirt and bra up around her neck.

They passed my truck fairly slowly and we (all three of us) locked eyes for a good 5 seconds before they drove off into obscurity.

3. Lots of hanky panky.

Over the years I’ve seen people (while driving) eating, writing, watching TV, doing crossword puzzles, getting dressed, putting on makeup and painting fingernails.

I’ve also seen men masturbating as well as women masturbating. I’ve seen men getting bjs (from women AND other men) and women getting fingered while driving and as a passenger.

2. Audiobooks, lady!

Seen a lady reading a book on the highway once. Also saw a dude steering with his knees, cigarette in the corner of his mouth, bud light in the console, rolling a fat ass joint at 630am!!

1. I hope that kid didn’t learn a lesson the hard way.

Not a trucker but I’ll never forget glancing down from the school bus window as a kid and seeing the person next to us full on playing a Nintendo DS while driving.

He was very into the game and only gave quick glances to the road.

I was only a kid and had never driven so I didn’t fathom how dangerous that truly was, but even then it freaked me out enough that I thought about it a lot years later while learning to drive!

Y’all I do now know how I would have handled seeing these things but it would have been interesting for sure.

Are you a trucker? Have you seen anything strange on the highway? Hit us with your best stories in the comments!