12 People Talk About the Strangest Unsolved Mysteries They Know About

Have you ever spent any time on a website called The Charley Project?

It’s a huge list of people who have disappeared without a trace and some of the unsolved cases are incredibly creepy.

Sometimes, I find myself scrolling through different cases before I go to bed at night…and I’m not sure that’s always a good idea…

So, in the spirit of getting creeped out, let’s hear from AskReddit users about what they think are the strangest mysteries that are still unsolved.

1. War criminal.

“The location of Heinrich Mueller, the final Gestapo chief.

He was last seen in Berlin, roughly three days before it fell. At the time, he claimed to be fully aware of what the Russians did to POWs and that he had no intention of being taken prisoner. He most likely had access to foreign documents as the Gestapo leader and knew how to duplicate them.

He was sought after by the CIA and the KGB, but nothing of him has ever been discovered.”

2. Historical mystery.

“The disappearance of the 9th Roman Legion.

One hypothesis put forth was that these mfers just up and left the Roman Empire and moved to China and is responsible for a region in China where a lot of people have blue eyes.

Just to show you how crazy the theories can be.”

3. Without a trace.

“Brian Shaffer, a medical student who disappeared from a Columbus, Ohio bar without a trace.

There is absolutely no footage of him leaving the bar on the cameras and he has never been seen since.

It seems as if he fell off the face of the earth. Crazy case.”

4. Terrifying.

“Dardeen Family M**ders (NSFL)

A heavily pregnant mother and her son were found tied to the bed in their trailer home; they were beaten to d**th with a baseball bat the son was gifted for Christmas. The beating was so severe that the moms corpse went into labor and the assailant then turned the bat onto the newborn, bashing it to d**th.

Suspicion fell immediately on the father, but half a day later his body was found discarded in a field; his penis had been severed and he was shot in the head. His bloodstained car was found abandoned at a police station. Nothing was stolen, no s**ual assault on the mother, no forced entry and besides Tommy Lynn Sells (who has been ruled out) NO SUSPECTS.”

5. Very strange…

“There was a girl in the 19th century who was m**dered after a party. She went to a friends to get dressed, then they went to the party. It was on a particular holiday I don’t remember.

She met a man named Thornton at the party and left with him. She was found the next day in a park, she had been r**ed and st**ngled. Thornton was put on trial but acquitted due to lack of evidence and it was never solved.

The weirdest thing was that in the 1970’s it happened again, and both crimes were nearly identical. It was the same holiday, the same town, the girl went to a friend’s to get dressed and they then went to the party. She met a man named Thornton and left with him, and was found the next day r**ed and st**ngled in the same park, very close to where the first girl was found.

Again, Thornton was put on trial but acquitted due to lack of evidence. That story is just weird. Also, both girls had the same birthday.”

6. Gone.

“The case of Branson Perry.

In 2001 he was cleaning out a house and he told a friend he was going to return a pair a jumper cables to the shed and he never was seen again.”

7. Bizarre.

“The Taman Shud M**der is so beyond bizarre, they think he was poisoned, but they don’t know with what.

They don’t know who the guy was because he had no ID on him and all his clothes had the tags ripped off. Then there’s the brown suitcase, the fact that he was seen alive, I think, a full day earlier in the same spot they found his body, oh and the strange number code they don’t understand.

They generally think it has to do with some hard core cold war spy s**t, but who knows.”

8. Lights in the sky.

“The Phoenix Lights. I’m not a big UFO nut but this is just f**king creepy. Thousands of people, including the Governor, saw them.

The governor, if memory serves was a pilot, and when the government came out with their report (flairs, after that some type of plane) the Governor, once out of office of course, called bulls**t.

No real explanation.”

9. Unsolved.

“The Keddie M**ders.

In 1981 Glenna Sharp, her son John (15), his friend Dana (17), were found beyond brutally m**dered by Glenna’s Eldest daughter Sheila (she found them, not m**dered them). They had been staying in Cabin 28 in the Keddie resort. Sheila had stayed with her friends in Cabin 27 and found the bodies in the morning.

Her sister, Tina (12) was missing and her remains were later found some 28 miles away after an anonymous tip was called in. The twist here is that in Cabin 28 there were also 3 small children found alive and unharmed in their bedroom.”

10. Missing girls.

“The Fort Worth Missing Trio.

An unsolved missing persons case that began on December 23, 1974, when three girls – Mary Rachel Trlica, Lisa Renee Wilson, and Julie Ann Moseley – went missing while Christmas shopping at the Seminary South Shopping Center in Fort Worth, Texas, United States.

The car the girls were driving, a 1972 Oldsmobile 98, was left behind in the Sears parking lot at the mall; the girls have not been seen since.”

11. Where did he go?

“Terrence Woods Jr.

He was a 26 year old production assistant on scene in rural Idaho with his crew filming a documentary about an abandoned mine in late 2018. The project was slated for completion in mid November but he texted his father early morning on Oct 5th 2018 telling him that he would be heading home on the 10th of October, cutting his stay short by weeks.

Later that day when filming concluded for the day he was seen speaking to one of the miners who used to operate the mine when Terrence said he was going to go into the foliage to relieve himself. The Prod Manager thought this was strange because apparently he had been acting odd all day, so the Prod Manager when to check on him.

When he did, he noticed that Terrence’s radio was on the ground and suddenly noticed Terrence break into a full on sprint into the woods down small ledge. The manager tried to chase him but lost him in the woods shortly after trying.

He returned to his crew and alerted the authorities, who launched a full scale SAR mission that’s turned up no clues. The authorities noted how odd it was that he was able to run in such thick foliage. He has never been seen nor heard from again.”

12. Family tragedy.

“Who m**dered Jaspal and Geeta Singh in Syosset, NY in 2007?

Joining the list of unsolved Syosset crimes, Jaspal and Geeta Singh were k**led in their Syosset home on Jan. 23, 2007. Their sons, 12 and 13 years old at the time, had just returned home from school when they found their parents shot to d**th.

Police did not reveal too much information on the details of the case, however, the consensus was that these m**ders were not a random act and that the couple was most likely targeted.”

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