12 People Talk About the Things They Don’t Mind Spending Money On

You get what you pay for.

Have you ever heard that expression before?

I bet you have!

And there’s a reason it exists because sometimes it’s better to pay more for a good product.

Let’s see what AskReddit users had to say about this.

1. Me, too!

“Books. Physical books, ebooks, whatever suits at the time, but I’ll keep buying books.

To be read pile keeps growing, I’m rereading old stuff, and still finding good new stuff to buy.”

2. I like this one.

“I like to sing.

Every Wednesday night a professional acoustic guitar player comes to my house to play for me and I sing for an hour.

Pure joy.”

3. Happy wife, happy life.

“I love spending money on my wife.

She could find the fountain of youth and would hesitate to spend the money to visit if it wasn’t in the budget.

She constantly goes out of her way for me so I’m happy to buy her things.”

4. A little extra.


Paying hundreds more for a “luxury” hotel is silly, but I’ll pay $50 or so more for what I know to be a reliable brand. If I’m on a trip, I probably don’t have the patience or energy to deal with half a**ed service or dirty rooms and I’ll be happy to pay a little more for a nice place.

The trick is finding something in that sweet spot that’s nice but also serves a good free breakfast. Something like Doubletree or Embassy Suites.”

5. Absolutely.


Especially when you’ve had a few at the bar and are internally debating whether or not you’re ok to drive.

First of all, if you’re debating it you’re probably not ok. Second of all, even if you’re just a little bit over and get busted the best case scenario is hundreds of dollars in fines and a possible loss of license as opposed to a twenty buck Uber ride.

And that’s before you put in the risk you’re putting to yourself and others.”

6. Never going back.

“Real butter. I grew up on the fake s**t.

Once I became an adult and realized how MUCH better real butter is, I’ve never gone back.”

7. Anything for you.

“Anything my cats want or need.

A new bed? Absolutely. Top quality food? Yes. Monthly trips to the vet? A room just for you? Grooming services?


8. The good stuff.

“Weekly deliveries from Misfit Market, Imperfect Foods, and a local farm produce delivery. This is admittedly too many deliveries and I’ll have to pare down.

I also like an every other week Hello Fresh.

The reason I don’t mind spending money on these surprises is because getting the packages helps mitigate depression.

The surprise nature of it.
The tasty food part.
The craft/project aspect of using the different foods.

I was taught that to be super frugal was to be morally correct. Turns out its not only wrong to judge people less frugal than yourself, but hyper frugality can be toxic.”

9. Yup.

“Good dog food.

I work at a vet and seeing the problems dogs get caused by cheap dog food is overwhelming.

I believe in saving money buying good dog food now as opposed to spending $1,000’s of dollars in vet bills later.”

10. Important.

“Safety equipment. MX, Skateboarding, Skiing, whatever it is – good safety equipment is worth it’s weight in gold.

Also, if you are doing something where you need a helmet? If you crash and hit your head (or even drop your helmet from a height greater than 4ft) buy a new one – the foam inside is compromised and once it is? It’s almost like not wearing a helmet.

Pro tip: Usually the ‘most expensive’ stuff is priced that way because of the branding and hype. The cheapest stuff is generally junk. The happy spot is in the mid-range prices. Do your research, but generally you can get all the safety/security features of the uber-high-priced stuff somewhere in the mid-range priced gear. Just never go with the cheap stuff.

An example would be Shoei helmets for road riding… $700+ for a helmet, when there are helmets by AGV and other brands for around $250 that actually do better in a myriad of safety tests! That $700 might get you some little techie goodies added or a nicer paint finish, but when it comes to safety?

The $250 AGV is every bit as good and better in some safety categories. Both of those compared to the $75 helmet at the local hardware store? Well, they are both worlds better in every capacity.”

11. Quality.

“Quality food.

There’s a certain threshold of quality that really makes a difference.

Beyond that price point you’re paying for diminishing returns of quality, but below that threshold, the food loses quality real fast.”

12. Worth it.

“My iPhone.

A lot of people complain about the cost of the phone and it is very expensive. But when I think about cost per use, and the average length I get out of my phone, it comes to about a dollar a day for the most important physical item in my life.

When my three year upgrade comes up I have no apprehension about getting a new phone with the largest capacity.”

What do you not mind spending money on?

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