12 People Talk About Things That Are Considered Empowering but Really Shouldn’t Be

I can’t count how many times I’ve heard someone call something “empowering” when it really wasn’t at all…

Maybe they didn’t really know the meaning of that word…?

It’s possible, I guess…

But it’s more likely that people just like to use the word because they think it sounds good.

What’s considered empowering that really isn’t?

AskReddit users shared their thoughts.

1. Pathetic.

“Being a b**ly just to show your friends your “cool” and can boss around others.

Humiliating other to show you are above them is just pathetic.”

2. You’re not perfect.

“Insisting that you are perfect just the way you are and anyone who says different is just a “h**er” and shouldn’t be listened to.

Yes, h**ers exist, but if you’re consistently hearing that you have problems from people around you, you need to do some introspection instead of cutting those people off for being “negative” or “toxic”.”

3. Rude.

“Being rude and aggressive.

People confuse aggression for assertiveness far too often.

You can stand up for yourself and not be an a**hole.”

4. Grindin’.

““The grind” for money.

I work in a warehouse and everyone just brags about all the overtime they’re working.

One of the guys who has been there for 15 years told me “we don’t get paid well because the job is hard, we get paid well because it takes up most of our time”.”

5. Gross.

“Now you can be a selfish a**hole and just say you’re “empowered” and everyone is supposed to accept it.

Doing things harmful to yourself or others is not being empowered.”

6. Here we go…


You are not a “small business owner” if you have no say in branding, pricing, packaging, etc.

These are predatory companies that sell the idea of empowerment through sub par products and practices.”

7. Yuck.

““I’m a blunt honest person” = I offer my unsolicited, unwanted opinion on everyone’s lives and I’m an a**hole while doing it.”

8. Join the mob.

“Mob mentality.

Usually, the mob is emotionally stunted and without all of the facts.”

9. Just want a normal life.

“I was physically and mentally tormented as a child by parents, I was b**lied in school. I was so close to s**cide many times…

There are so many people who call me “survivor” and “built character” etc.

No I’m not a survivor, the character that I built has PTSD, anxiety, lack of friends, noone to trust etc

I dont want this character, I want a normal life.”

10. See this a lot…

“People who say “If you can’t handle me at my worst”.

Like, I get that it’s supposed to be a “take me for who I am” but if who you are is a piece of trash who can’t control themselves at their worst, then the problem is you and you shouldn’t be praised.”

11. Good for you!

“Taking a day off from work.

That should be perfectly acceptable to do and normal, not a “good for them” situation.”

12. The hustle.

“”Hustle” culture in general.

It’s no longer enough to be content with a job/career that pays well and allows you to live a reasonably comfortable life, whatever that may subjectively be.

Now you must always be “hungry” and have at least one or two side hustles. Some sort of small business or Etsy shop, MLMs, income property investment, etc. Folks are seen as lazy if they’re not constantly “stacking paper” and “on the grind.” It’s bulls**t.

There’s nothing wrong with taking on a side gig here and there or having streams of passive income to supplement your main income (I invest in I-Bonds, for example). However, it becomes a problem IMO, when the hustle completely consumes one’s life and personality and when “enough is never enough.”

What’s the point of stacking paper if you have no time to enjoy it or are burnt-the-f**k-out? If you want to work two – five jobs to stay on the grind, then that’s a-okay but don’t try to detract from others that may not share those same values.”

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