12 People Talk About Things That Are Legal That Shouldn’t Be

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What is legal that shouldn’t be?

AskReddit users shared their thoughts.

1. Annoying.

“Equipment fees you can’t opt out of.

Just let me buy the $80 box instead of charging me $20 a month for it.”

2. Ridiculous.

“Ticket fees for concerts.

I just bought tickets to Elton John and each ticket had 87$ in fees.


3. Wow.

“My apartment complex charges at $25 fee if you pay your rent with a card.


4. Should be illegal.

“Insider trading for members of the US Congress.

Actually, any stock trading by active members of any government.”

5. Here we go with printers again.

“That thing where firmware updates are pushed on your printer and then suddenly you can’t use any other ink brand.

F**k you, HP, and your anti-competitive bulls**t. You want me not to use someone else’s recycled cartridges, make your s**t cheaper.”

6. Surprising.

“Child marriages.

Most states in the US still allow kids as young as 14 to get married with parent consent and that is not ok.”

7. Sketchy.

“Pharmaceutical advertising to the general public.

Do you suffer from [anything ranging from an inconvenience to a life-threatening disease]? You, too, can [perform daily task again]! Ask your doctor if [medication name] is right for you.

Side effects may include nausea, drowsiness, indigestion, heartburn, genital rash, brittle bones, hair loss, blindness, hearing loss, gout, lupus, enlarged kidneys, spontaneous cartilage disintegration, and demonic possession.”

8. Way too bright.

“Those super bright headlights that fancy cars have.

Are they trying to k**l the drivers in front of them?!”

9. Awful.

“Being able to medically neglect your kids for “religious reasons”.

The first patient my mom ever lost was an otherwise healthy 9 year old who d**d from the freaking flu.

With treatment, the kid would have been fine. Why even bring them in if you are just going to let them d**?”

10. And that’s on the cheap side.

“Having to pay $900 for an ambulance so you don’t f**kin’ d**.

Yes I am American.”

11. USA!

“Companies that call themselves “news” sources that are heavily biased toward a political ideology or party.”

12. See it all the time.

“Politicians hiring their family members to work for them and pay them ungodly amounts of money from the money they are given/raise.”

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