12 People Talk About Things That Were Once All the Rage Online That Are Now Forgotten

Trends on the Internet appear and disappear in a hurry…and some of them just end up being forgotten altogether.

So what are some things that were once all the rage online but then disappeared?

Here’s what AskReddit users had to say.

1. Back in my day…

“Search engines before Google existed.

Alta Vista, Lycos, Web Crawler…”

2. Click, click, click…

“During the early days of the web, when most websites weren’t plastered with advertising…website view counters.”

3. Poke me.

“Poking people on Facebook.

I had a friend that poked me and I never noticed the notification. He d**d.

I now have this unreturned poke as a reminder that I’ll never be able to poke them back.”

4. Forums galore.


There used to be so many, incredibly active and dedicated forums.”

5. It was fun.

“IMDb had the best message boards back in the day.

Chatting with your internet friends around the globe about every nuance in your fave movie.

Man I miss that. Reddit is close, but nothing beats the olden days.”

6. Sounds cool.

“30-Second Bunnies Theatre.

The version of The Shining they did always stuck with me.

Redrum, redrum!!”

7. Do you remember?


I remember I emailed strongbad if he’d be my boyfriend (I was like 12) and he responded in a video!

Except I didn’t have my own email address so my mom found the email I sent and freaked out thinking I was talking to men online.”

8. Ate it up.

“Homestar Runner.

I ate all of that s**t up.

It’s too bad it was all based on Adobe Flash.”

9. There were a lot of them.


Sure there are still blogs, but for a while, it seemed like EVERYONE had one back in the day.”

10. A lot of fun.

“Personal homepages (geocities CollegePark represent!) with webrings and guestbooks.

I actually learned HTML back then to do mine, and then photoshop to make my own graphics… had so much fun.”

11. Virtual worlds.

“Second Life.

There were actual municipals in my country that created an instance(?) of themselves in this “virtual world”.

For what purpose I’ll never understand…”

12. Everybody was doing it.

“Angelfire websites in the ’90s. Everyone made one, pre-MySpace.

I had one that was devoted to a type of cheese for every letter of the alphabet.”

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