12 People Talk About Things They Think Actually Lived up to the Hype They Received

When the hype machine gets going, it can be hard to stop.

And that’s why you always hear that expression, “don’t believe the hype!”

And today we’re gonna hear from some folks who definitely think that certain things DID come through as promised.

Let’s take a look at what they had to say.

1. I am Batman.

“The Dark Knight.

I remember the hype train being like no other movie I can remember. Wonderfully orchestrated media, really harnessed the internet in all the right ways. I started to think the movie was gonna be all hype and little substance.

When the Joker put the pencil through that guy’s head, it was all over for me. Within the first quarter of the movie, I was already declaring it the best super hero flick I ever saw (at the time).”

2. Revolutionary.

“The iPod.

Steve Jobs said it was going to revolutionize the way we listen to music and it absolutely did.

PS. Do you remember when people were being mugged for their iPod because everyone knew you had one because of the white headphones.”

3. Definitely gets better.

“Life after high school.

Was s**cidal as a teen but fortunately listened to the advice of “It gets better”. Hot d**n, it really does.

Got out of my small town, got to finally live life for a change outside that stifling, judgmental environment, and experience how living really does beat the alternative.”

4. Great film.

“Parasite. See it if you haven’t.

Just recommended this to a friend! That reveal is so mind blowing and the way it perfectly weaves into the story was impossible to look away after that point. The bloody tissue scene was fantastic too, the editing and the music was absolutely perfect.

I wanna see it again soon, I’d love to see it for the first time again.”

5. Very popular.

“Ted Lasso

My wife and I started it after EVERYONE told us to watch it when season 2 ended. Both sides of parents, friends, social media etc.

We thought it cannot be that good, it’s just too hyped. But no, it’s really is as amazing as everyone says. They really deserved all the Emmys they received.”

6. You bet!

“Owning a puppy. It may be a lot of work but my gods it is adorable to see them grow up.

I was so happy when my golden retriever puppy was house trained enough to be able to sleep in bed with me.”

7. Yummy.


I grew up Muslim and tried bacon for the first time in my life this year.

I’m 23 and I put that s**t on everything.”

8. Still need to watch this…

“Squid Game.

When I heard about it, I was like “oh sure, another popular Netflix show that everyone’s raving about” which made me want to dislike it. First episode I was hooked and every bit of free time I had afterwards went into finishing it.

It’s kind of funny how when something gets popular but you didn’t ride the immediate wave of popularity, your brain tries to make you dislike it.”

9. Controversial.

“Star Wars: The Phantom Menace.

Saw it three times in the theater, and many more times on home video. Loved it.

I understand that others think the movie was a let down, but at the time it blew ME away, and changed the way I perceive Star Wars.”

10. On the big stage!


Fully expected to be disappointed after all the hype.

Blew me away!”

11. Sometimes, you gotta do it.

“Leaving my job.

It turns out the grass often is greener, especially with the way many (if not most) corporations favor new hires over current employees. Gaining years of experience in jobs where it matters will objectively increase your value, yet

It’s super common to give employees tiny marginal raises that fall short of that increase in value. When it’s time to look for a new job, companies actually have to be somewhat competitive and come a lot closer to offering your true value.

This is part of the reason why so many positions hesitate to post the salary, and why company policies usually state that you can’t discuss your salary (which is BS). They are deliberately trying to pay a chunk of their workforce less than they’re worth.”

12. Congrats!

“Getting sober.

Life was unmanageable. People kept saying to wait for the miracle. Kept telling me one day at a time.

I kept having faith that things would get better. They did. My life is incredibly better than it once was; even on my worst days.”

Okay, now it’s your turn…

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