12 People Talk About What They’d Buy First if They Had Unlimited Money

It can be fun (and kind of depressing) to sit around and daydream about what any of us would do with unlimited cash.

The possibilities are endless!

And I bet this is something you’ve thought about before, too, right?

Check out what AskReddit users had to say about this and we’ll see you in the comments.

1. You got it!

“Realistically I couldn’t just do charity, it would probably collapse the economy if I just flooded the world with money.

I would probably just buy all the politicians from every country it’s possible to do so and rule the world that way. I mean, with that much money I don’t see why I couldn’t catch ’em all.

Oh, and I’ve always wanted a dirt bike.”

2. Nice and cozy.

“A studio apartment in the city, preferably several stories up so I have a view of the city lights at night.

Something about that has always just sounded so much more romantic and cozy than some fancy house or mansion.”

3. Interesting…

“Buy a street full of houses.

Adopt a bunch of kids with different talents etc. to fill those houses. Nurture the talents.

Repeat 3-5 times and then start a war between each street family.”

4. Education.

“Build high-end fortified schools and colleges, many many of them for people of Iran, Iraq, and Afghanistan offering skills and training and philosophy and art and all the degrees, for free.

This would be partial retribution for going in those countries and meddling and contributing to wars and erosion of naturally developed democracies in those countries.

Education is the best thing I know to combat poverty, idiocy and the Taliban.”

5. Away from it all.

“A modern cabin in the woods away from people.

Cabin would have good electricity, water, gas, etc. and great cable & internet connectivity.

Not interested in roughing it, just not having to deal with people any more.”

6. A whole new system.

“I’d like to setup a free childcare, elderly care, and mentally challenged care system all over the country. T

he workers there would have to go through an extensive training program akin to a masters or doctorate degree. The workers would receive high end salaries ($150k starting), free healthcare, and a generous pension and vacation program.

Hopefully, these would become highly sought after jobs. I’d hope this would help our society with some of the most stressful situations a family can go through.”

7. Smart.

“Pay off our house, pay off my car, get my wife a new (modest) car. Quit my job. Take a fun, part time gig volunteering locally. Donate a metric ton of money to numerous causes.

That’s what jumps to mind immediately. I mean, unlimited money is insane….there’s lots of other things. As an American, I’d pay however much money it takes to convert this backa**wards country to a modern healthcare and socialcare system. You know, actually tend to basic human needs would be pretty cool for the US.

Also, I would buy everyone I know a pasta maker. People need to understand how much better homemade pasta is then the stuff you buy in boxes.”

8. The team.

“A dedicated team to manage my health, diet, and exercise routines. a

Also people to follow me around and make sure I do those things.”

9. Party time!

“Take my family and friends on a massive vacation to the Bahamas or Maldives.

Book an entire villa and just eat and party for 10 days.”

10. Do it!

“I’d buy FOX News, then hire Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert and Seth Meyers to be writers.

They’d write all the scripts to seemingly be just like old FOX News but if you pay attention they’re actually destroying the current horses**t ‘conservative’ conversation. With unlimited funding I’d do the same for these other Right-Wing bulls**t ‘news’ outlets.

Then I’d hire lobbyists to dismantle the horses**t US military’s billing, R&D, war-machine for profit complex. We need defense, but could do it better for a fraction of the cost.

Then I’d fund free college and health care for all nation-wide after dismantling the horses**t tuition overcharging and health insurance for obscene profit.

The police reformation is next, then homelessness.”

11. Simple.

“Check ups, dental work, furnish our empty apartment, and donate  money plus good time to help with the new wave of economic strife here at home.

Even with money I still want my life.”

12. Helping people out.

“Property. I wouldn’t hesitate.

I’d be like Zillow buying up neighbors. After I got a couple blocks.

I’d rent them to the homeless for 3 dollars a month until they got on their feet to afford the upkeep of their home.”

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