12 Women Share the Least Impressive Things Men Did to Try to Impress Them

I’ve definitely been shot down in a blaze of glory by a female or two in my life, and it’s always pretty humiliating.

But you live and you learn, friends!

And most guys can use all the help they can get, if we’re being honest.

So, with that in mind, please enjoy these answers from ladies who opened up about the LEAST impressive things guys did or said to try to score.

You might learn something…

1. Number One Creep.

“The worst without any self awareness was a “real estate developer” bragging in detail about how his company came to New Orleans and ripped everybody off after Hurricane Katrina with barely legal business practices and harassment.

Included with how much money he made from specific properties and incidents.”

2. You weren’t impressed by this?

“One time a guy told me he uses 2 different tooth paste flavors – one for the morning and one for the night because “he has different palate preferences at different times”.”

3. He’s a keeper!

“I once had a guy tell me he could make himself cry. Then he proceeded to pour hot sauce in his eye at Buffalo Wild Wings.

He was (obviously) in a lot of pain and he immediately left the table, went outside and threw up.”

4. I live in the capital!

“He lived in a capital city. That’s it, that was the trait he bragged about entire date.

He shared one-bedroom apartment with his mom, grandma and cat and thought I would be impressed.”

5. Big bucks.

“I was at a casino playing penny slots. Guy came over and started hitting on me.

Told him I was married, not interested. But he wouldn’t stop looking at or talking to my chest. He pulled out a dollar and put it in my machine and said “there’s more where that came from! ” a freaking dollar! Tried to get me to go drink a beer with him, in his car, in the Midwest, in the middle of the night, in January.

I eventually got away but he found me at a different machine. So he starts pulling out cards from his wallet. Pulled out his debit card and told me there was $500 on that one! I kept wondering if he knew my cleavage isn’t able to swipe a card.

But then, the ultimate. He pulled out a Sam’s Club card.”

6. Not cool.

“Bragged about spending 10k on rims but then didn’t have gas money.

He was 50 years old and lived with his son and daughter in law.”

7. Mission accomplished.

“I was talking to a guy at a bar once and he, unprompted, got out his phone and started showing me photos of himself in his military uniform.

He must have had a dedicated album for this purpose, because they were all just of him standing around by himself.

The military was not my bag, and it was clear this guy was an idiot, so I said, “Oh, I have photos too!” and showed him like 20 pictures of my cat. He was equally unimpressed and the conversation came to a hasty close.”

8. HOT.

“Bragged that he’s collected every single Pokemon in all the games and went on a two hour long Show and Tell unprompted.”

9. Bored.

“Bragged about his 720 credit score.

Kept ramping up the bragging as I continued to be both unimpressed and bored.”

10. And…?

“Told me he made 85k a year.

I’m not saying that isn’t a comfortable/good salary. I don’t make that much.

But still, we live in Seattle, Washington so it’s not like it’s a lot. LOL.”

11. No, you’re not.

“”I’m going to s** you up.”

Totally serious, all dark eyes and vibey.

I did my VERY BEST not to fall over laughing.”

12. Liar!

“Bragged about about fights he had been in.

Also lied about FBI agents in black suits escorting him to his top secret govt job. (Folks, the State Dept does that).

This was sad enough for a 20 something to pull. But this man was 59 years old at the time…”

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