12 People Talk About What They’re Excited to Be Alive For

As someone who loves history and is always trying to learn about new eras and subjects, I guess I’d have to say that I’m excited to be alive because I want to see what comes next…

And we’re definitely living through some very interesting times these days!

Let’s just hope for some positive outcomes in the next couple of decades…

What are you excited to be alive for?

Here’s what folks had to say on AskReddit.

1. We’ll see about that…

“I wanna at least outlive The Simpsons.

Like I can’t let The Simpsons outlive me.”

2. To the future!

“I’m still very curious about the world and how things might pan out.

I’m still really interested in scientists revealing more of the secrets of the world like what hidden in our oceans or outer space.”

3. Keep your head up.

“For things to get better i guess, hopefully get married one day.

Relationships never seem to work out for me though. Been real discouraged lately.”

4. Sorry for your loss.

“Honestly? My ex committed s**cide, the father of my children.

I couldn’t do that to my kids. I couldn’t hurt them like that. I can’t cause them that kind of pain and damage.

It doesn’t matter how bad off I am, how much pain or anguish I’m in, it’s nothing compared to what they would go through if I d**d. So I carry on.”

5. What else is there?

“I’m staying alive because I’m afraid of what happens after we d**.

I guess I’m scared of the unknown…”

6. The only game in town.

“Because even though life is probably pointless it’s the only game in town.

I might as well play it.”

7. Stick around.

“My son for sure. Before that, I had my dog.

My dog definitely saved my life more than once, and my son changed my life completely. I don’t even have those thoughts anymore.”

8. Love.

“My wife.

More specifically the daily hope she gives me that there is love and goodness out there in the world.”

9. A lot to learn.

“Taking genuine pleasure in learning about the world, the cosmos.

Makes me feel like the time here is worth living.”

10. Pets are family.

“My cat….

She wouldn’t know what happened to me and she would miss me so much…

I can’t bear the thought of making her go through that.”

11. Take care of them.

“For my grandparents.

I want to make sure they are happy and healthy for as long as I can after everything they’ve done for me all my life.”

12. Best friends.

“My dog.

She was terribly ab**ed before I adopted her and consequently she has severe separation anxiety when I’m not able to be with her for any length of times I spent months in the Surgical Cardiac ICU and and Cardiac ICU after flatlining with complete heart failure.

There were so many times where the pain or the depression or the constant anxiety and uncertainty just made me want to give up and let go. But hearing from my mother and sisters that my dog was waiting for me, looking out the window all day, was a huge motivation to get me well and back home.

They told me she sat on top of the couch looking out the living room window just waiting for me to pull in the driveway and often wouldn’t go for walks beyond the corner (I’m guessing because she was worried I’d come home and leave again without her). Every night she’d sleep for an hour or two with my mother and each of my sisters almost like she wanted to be there for them.

There were so many times when the thought of leaving her alone, without her ever knowing what happened to me, spurred me to keep on working to get better.

She is my best friend and we are always there for each other. I don’t know what I would do without her.”

What are you excited to be alive for?

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