12 People Talk About Why Their Friendships With Their Best Friends Ended

In the movie Stand By Me, there’s a line that has always stuck with me.

“I never had any friends later on like the ones I had when I was 12. Jesus, does anyone?”

And the older I get, the more I think about it and how accurate it is.

But I guess it’s just part of life to have friends in your life who you think will be there forever and then they just fade away.

Why did your friendship with your best friend end?

AskReddit users shared their stories.

1. Life is weird.

“Her dad d**d unexpectedly and I was there for her.

My dad d**d unexpectedly a year later and she was not (maybe couldn’t be) there for me.

It happens, life is weird.”

2. Shut out.

“She didn’t invite me to her birthday party. It was my first time back from college and I would have been able to go.

She made a whole Facebook event page and invited everybody but me. I found out through mutual friends, the kicker was no one showed up and she called me crying that this other girl didn’t show up.”

3. LIAR.

“College roommates (shared a room for 2 years). Best friends.

Turned out she was a raging klepto & pathological liar – stole everything from my car to my underwear and was a known thief around campus.

Also was telling people lies about me to keep me isolated and basically make her the “one who was always there for me.” confronted her with evidence and she never owned up to it, was stuck in a lease for a few more months and kept it civil then cut contact once i moved out.

Was really sad we were best friends, or at least i thought we were…..”

4. A bad time.

“She found me a place to stay for free with one of her friends during my divorce. I was insanely depressed and I was a horrible roommate.

She found me a great opportunity to restart my life, and I just p**sed all of her friends off.

I don’t blame her. I was a total wreck during those months. Just miss that friend I had for 20 years.”

5. Good riddance.

“When my father was d**ng of cancer, my “best friend” called me to catch up and I told him about it and he nonchalantly said “your dad’s d**ng because he isn’t praying enough and that he would be healed if someone spoke in tongues over him”.

I was in disbelief that he got roped into the insane religious cult like his parents.

I told him that was the grossest thing I could ever hear from him and hung up. My father d**d 2 weeks later. It’s been two years and he hasn’t called or texted once. Good f**king riddance.”

6. Sad.

“He d**d. Miss him. We met at 4 yrs old.

Friends for about 30 years. He’s been gone 8 years now.”

7. Exhausted.

“I was pretty much his only friend. He would come to me for attention but for whatever reason wasn’t able to make any interaction about me. It was always about him. On his terms. Me me me me.

We lived together for a few years and it was mostly good. As soon as we moved into different places the convenience of our friendship d**d, and it was replaced by him only wanting to engage with me on his terms around things he wanted.

I slowly grew exhausted by it and found myself investing in people who were able to give as well as receive.”

8. Confused.

“You know, I still don’t know.

We were super close for about seven years, maybe? Since my first year in college. Then she just didn’t want to be friends with me anymore. Clearly, she felt something was amiss between us because our mutual friends also gave me the cold shoulder after that.

Honestly, it actually wasn’t as devastating as it sounds. I think she would have told me if I legit did something bad so probably something else was going on. She came out as a lesbian and got a girlfriend right before this, and I think that had a lot to do with it. Maybe the girlfriend didn’t like her GF having such a close woman friend?

The weird thing was I did not find it devastating and I never thought I would be that kind of person. But, as soon as those other people sort of turned on me, I was out of there with that group.

I felt it was good riddance to bad rubbish if that’s what they were like. Maybe I would have been distraught if we were all still in college. However, we were way past that time, plus that type of politicking seemed childish.”

9. Okay…

“He f**ked my bed. Not on it, but the actual mattress.

He cut out a hole and had been doing it for months, I got fired the other day and walked in on him. He confessed and I made him move out the same day.”

10. Won’t tolerate it.

“My husband at the time had to step away from his job because he was dealing with pretty severe mental health issues.

We had a young child and I was a stay-at-home mom and it was really devastating not only financially, but socially as a lot of our social life revolved around his job and work friends.

I was really good friends with a coworker’s wife. The coworker moved into my husband’s (higher up) position when my husband had to resign. We had to sell our home since we couldn’t make the mortgage payment anymore.

The friend came to help me pack, and while doing so told me that they always knew this would happen because the Lord had revealed it to the husband in a dream several years earlier. They had basically been waiting around for my husband to “fail” so that coworker could “succeed” and fulfill the Lord’s prophesy.

Yeah no. Said goodbye to her, moved out of state, and never looked back. I won’t tolerate people using religion to be dicks.”

11. Grow up.

“He didn’t grow up. He was a dick to me and my other friends.

Whenever I was playing with another friend he would get jealous then join our GTA session and grief us. Or when I told him off(yes he deserved it) he would play dumb and act like he did nothing wrong and I was the bad guy.

So basically he had his head in his a** 24/7 and couldn’t realize that the reason he had no friends and they distanced themselves from him was because of his doing. He literally has no friends me and my other 2 friends were his last friends and he f**ked it all up.

Quite sad, honestly.”

12. Awful.

“He passed away at his job after we graduated high school.

He worked at a asphalt creation center and fell 30ish feet into a boiling asphalt silo and boiled to d**th.

He had just turned 18, and it was a few days before my 19th birthday.”

How did your friendship with your best friend end?

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