She Refused to Change Her Bikini When Asked. Was She a Jerk?

Have you ever been asked to change your clothes by someone before?

Okay…now let me ask you another question: have you ever been asked to change a swimsuit before?

Yeah, it’s kind of weird, isn’t it…?

Check out this story and see if you think this woman was out of line for refusing to change her bikini.

AITA for refusing to change bikinis?

“I’ll start by saying that where I live (not US) is rather hot at the moment and is ”pool party season”, my grandparents own a house with a big pool and so, weekly or bi-weekly my family gather to just have fun and swim, my grandparents don’t mind since they don’t really do anything besides offer the house, we all cook, buy snacks, get the place ready and then clean.

Two years ago my sister married his now husband who happens to be one of my exes, at first I was horrified because they began to date pretty quickly, but now, I don’t mind.

We don’t interact much (never have) so at previous gatherings we would just be in on our business not really caring for the other (she’s usually with our cousins and our parents while I’m with our grandparents and some aunts/uncles), her husband (whom I’ll call Mike) is always there of course, but we don’t talk to each other, she’s pregnant (26 weeks).

Last sunday we were getting the garden ready when she came to me and asked me to change (I was already wearing my bikini with a see-trough dress over it, it was a normal one, but I have bigger boobs that her and she was fuming), I asked if I had something or what and she said ”No, but I’m pregnant and I don’t feel my best.

I don’t want Mike looking at you” I was confused and looked at Mike who was playing with one of my cousin not really paying attention, I said she didn’t really had to worry about Mike but this made her angrier(?) and told me to not act like we were buddies and go change.

I said ”Sorry, no, I won’t change”, she said I was trying to get her husband attention and I actually laughed because what the f**k, I said that if it bothered her so much she should’ve thought of that before getting with my ex.

My grandpa got in the middle and told us to stop, he told my sister I wasn’t changing and he asked me to say sorry for my last comment. I did and she wasn’t happy, later on my mom came to me with another bikini and told me to go change but I just decided to go home and it caused my grandpa to scold both my sister and mom for making his house ”a hostile environment” and now they’re both mad at me because ”I should just have change”.


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