12 People Talk About Why They Cut Off Contact With a Loved One

It’s really hard, but sometimes you just have to cut certain people out of your life.

Siblings, parents, extended family members, friends, etc.

Check out why these folks cut off contact with a loved one.

1. Needed to end.

“This was a person that I considered my best and oldest friend. I felt like most of our friendship had been very one-sided, where it was okay for her to do certain things, but there would be stipulations if I were to do the exact same thing.

For example, it’s okay for her to follow her now-husband across the country because he will always be the breadwinner, but if I were to suggest such a move for my partner, she would comment that I’m ‘giving up’ and ‘not living my life.’

For her, it is a relationship compromise, but then the same wouldn’t be applied to me. The last straw was when I went through a breakup and she wasn’t that supportive. She told me that I’ve been spending the past year moping instead of living my life, which was not true.

I felt that the relationship needed to end. Just because you’ve known someone for so long does not mean that you need to remain friends if that person no longer serves a purpose in your life.”

2. Wow.

“I was physically and emotionally ab**ed by my biological father.

I was still a minor when he got me involved with manufacturing and trafficking huge quantities of m**h. I cooked m**h for about three years, and around the age of 20, we would have small confrontations about stuff. Nothing ever really escalated until he started to try and blame other people for our relationship.

We were in the car when an argument escalated, and I told him that I was done and moving away before I got out of the car. I started to walk away when he jumped out and ran around the car, looking ready to fight.

“I squared up and told him, ‘Do what the f**k you think you need to.’ He stopped, got back in the car, and left. That was the last time I spoke to him. It’s been 18 years, and I don’t regret anything.”

3. Never forget.

“As my mother lay dying in a hospital bed, my two sisters and stepfather refused to tell me which hospital she was at.

Once I found out, my sister had her police officer husband pretend to be an officer in that city, call me, and say that I threatened them with v**lence when I hadn’t even spoken to them. I called the hospital’s patient advocate, and the three of them told her that if she allowed me to come, they would leave her to die alone.

Finally, on the day that she passed, I received a text that said, ‘She’s gone,’ from one sister. I never got to say goodbye because they were stealing from her. Nothing they can do or say will ever be forgiven.”

4. Funny how that works.

“Funny, my family of self-professed Christians cut me off when I got involved with a woman that they didn’t approve of.

It has been over 20 years now, and my life has continually gotten better since they did.”

5. We’re done.

“Throughout 17 years of friendship, she gradually began treating me as her therapist, criticizing me when I did anything besides catering to her, and completely checking out whenever I wanted to talk about my life.

The final straw was when she invited herself to visit me for a whole week across the country while I was in the midst of one of the most stressful times in my life: applying to graduate schools. During the week she was there, she expected a full itinerary of activities, and Venmo-requested me for amounts smaller than a dollar while I didn’t ask her to pay for her parts when I covered the bill.

Here’s the best part: My apartment building had to be evacuated for mold with less than 24 hours notice during this time, and she refused to help whatsoever. She sat on her laptop as I moved every single one of my belongings out of my third-floor apartment to a different building by myself, then complained about her Etsy side gig.

When I (kindly) asked her to tone down the complaining about that while my life was falling apart, she yelled at me and intentionally missed her flight home the next day to try to ‘talk it out.’ I was done and told her so, so she began texting my mother to coordinate a way to surprise me so we could talk. Cutting her off was the best thing I’ve ever done for my mental health.”

6. Mom.

“I cut off my mother after she hid a secret from me that my daughter had to have emergency surgery — and blamed me when I got upset.

She then sent me a letter telling me what a terrible daughter I have always been and what a terrible person I was. She used the argument that her ab**ive husband (my father) was the cause of my issues and not her or the continued ab**e I suffered as a child and an adult at her hands.

She has never been wrong about anything in her life, and everyone is wrong but her. I’m done. She’s been out of my life for four years, and I have never been more at peace or have had a better relationship with my spouse and kids.”

7. Ugh.

“I cut off my sister at the beginning of the COVID lockdown. She called me and went on a rant about ‘dirty Chinese people.’

When I called her on it, she said that I was racist against white people. We’re Asian. She’s a huge Trump supporter, and my mom told me that she refused to get the vaccine because she thinks it has something to do with abortion. My sister was recently hospitalized for COVID, and my mom begged me to call her, but I refused.

Her whole family has caught COVID and refuses to wear masks around my elderly mother. The next and last time I expect to see my sister is at my mom’s funeral, as my dad is already passed. My brother feels the same about her.”

8. Divorced.

“I came home one day from working an exhausting 16-hour shift in direct care to my husband of 10 years sitting on the couch.

It wasn’t an issue that he was relaxing — he had worked as well and always unwinded on the couch afterward. The issue was that after 10 years in a committed relationship, he had forgotten about my birthday.

I was so looking forward to a surprise at home, and I had gone the entire day working without so much as a text. I filed for divorce soon after that.”

9. An evil snake.

“After my father lived with me for 12 years, he developed congestive heart failure, kidney disease, and dementia.

Six months prior to my father’s death, my younger brother went behind my back and had him sign a new will — leaving his entire estate to him and my brother’s daughter.

It’s something that I KNOW I could never have done to him. He is an evil snake.”

10. What a friend.

“I had just left a two-and-a-half-year ab**ive relationship.

After a month, my friend told me that she was tired of hearing about it and had expected me to move on from it.”

11. Too busy.

“I had breast cancer while caring for my mother with brain cancer.

When I asked one of my siblings to take care of her while I had major surgery, I was told to reschedule it since they ‘were busy.'”

12. I have no sister.

“”My oldest sister and I had not been getting along since she kicked my mother out of her house.

I had to drive six hours to pick up my mother and situate her in my town. Then my 22-year-old daughter died. The day after my daughter’s death, my oldest sister used her death as a weapon against me, bashing me on social media as a terrible father as a means of getting back at me. I

can’t imagine what kind of human being would take the worst possible moment in a parent’s life and weaponize it. That was the day that I had no sister anymore. Just because I share DNA with you does not mean you get to ab**e me.”

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