What Discontinued Food or Beverage Do You Want to Return? Here’s What People Said.

Will Crystal Pepsi ever make a comeback?

Inquiring minds want to know…and by that, I mean ME.

I’ve been waiting for years! All I guess I can do at this point is sit and wait for my beloved beverage to return…

But enough about me…

Check out the discontinued food and beverage items these folks want to see back on shelves.

1. Remember?

“The ’90s version of Kudos bars.

Particularly the fudge ones.”

2. Fancy.


The fanciest ice cream known to man.”

3. Not like it used to be…

“Funfetti icing.

Now they have one that you add sprinkles on, but it’s not made into the frosting like it uses to be.”

4. Back in the day.

“I’d kill for Butterfinger BBs.

No, Bites are not the same.”

5.  I miss them…

“Oreo Cakesters.

God I miss them so much…”

6. A luxury.

“Philadelphia cheesecake bars.

They were my luxury amongst all of the ramen and instant mac n cheese in college.”

7. Bring it back!

“Taco Bell’s Double Decker Taco.

That was always my fave. But then they discontinued it for their new revamped menu.

I miss it.”

8. Interesting.

“Back in 2008, Walmart sold a coffee and hot cocoa brand that sold in a self heating can.

Turn it over, pull a tab on the bottom and shake, then set it upright. 2 minutes later, hot beverage that tasted pretty d**n good.

It only lasted a few months though. I miss that. It got me through a tough winter.”

9. What happened?

“Cadbury EGGS!!!

They used to be sooooooo good and now they’re just sad garbage.

I was able to import some from England that were still fantastic but ours are just garbage.”

10. Caffeine overload.

“Jolt Cola. It was before it’s time.

I think it was taken off the market for being too caffeinated, and then the energy drink craze began.

Wrong place, wrong time that’s all.”

11. Addicted.

“Snapple’s Elements drinks from the ’90s.

I was addicted to Rain and Fire.”

12. Hungry?

“The Big New Yorker from Pizza Hut.

Each slice was the equivalent of a quarter-pound burger and I miss it.”

13. A bold statement.

“KFC potato wedges.

They were the best and I have no idea why they were discontinued.

They were better then the chicken IMO.”

14. Not into the new version.

“The old caprese panini at Panera Bread.

It was fresh tomatoes, sun dried tomatoes, fresh mozz and fresh basil pressed on ciabatta.

The new version has some weird bean spread and it’s so bad.”

15. Sad!

“Rold Gold Honey Mustard Pretzels.

Haven’t been able to find a similar sweet to mustard to pretzel ratio since they’ve been discontinued.

Most brands I’ve tried are sickly sweet, too strongly aromatic, add (too much) onion flavoring, or are the chunks rather than rods or twists. Haven’t found anything close to what I’m looking for.”

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