12 People Talk What They Think Are Giveaways That Someone Is a Bad Person

Sometimes, you can just tell

It’s usually something very subtle but it tips you off that someone is a bad person and it’s best to avoid them…

And today we’re gonna hear from folks on AskReddit about what they think those signs are.

Take a look.

1. It wasn’t me.

“Never taking accountability for anything.

Nothing is ever their fault. Unless it’s really good, then of course it was all them.”

2. Could go either way.

“I guess a subtle one is them treating you differently in public vs how they treat you privately.

These can both go either way.”

3. Absolutely.

“How someone treats another person based on their job title.

Anyone who treats a server, maid, garbage person, etc like c**p is just telling the world how much of a piece they are.”

4. Transactional.

“Treating people well only if they can benefit from them in some way.

If they treat you well, but treat random people like s**t, they aren’t good people.

And they’ll treat you like s**t too if you ever stop being of use to them.”

5. Guilt trips.

“When you express a boundary, they try to guilt trip you, pressure you, or threaten you to try and force you to do things you don’t want to do.”

6. No compassion.

“A complete lack of compassion, unless it’s about themselves. Putting people down for fun. Never accepting responsibility for shitty behavior. Everything is always about them. Everything.

Even if you’re going through something difficult, suddenly they’ve been through the same thing, but worse. Even when they’re being “generous” it’s for public display and not from a genuine place. Sulking and throwing fits to get their way.”

7. Gross.

“If they brag about how they pulled a fast one on other people.

As if to say how smart/slick they are and everyone else is stupid.”

8. Red flags.

“I’ve always held that if someone gossips TO you then they’ll most surely gossip ABOUT you to others.

Also, if someone tells you something that they were told in confidence then you absolutely cannot trust them to keep anything you tell them to themselves, even if asked to.

Big red flags.”

9. Sorry, but…

“Their apology is them just listing out problems about other people.

The classic “I’m sorry that you have a problem with my actions” instead of “I’m sorry I did something wrong”.”

10. You know it.

“It’s always about them.

They’re always the hero or always the victim in their stories.

Can’t take criticism but probably dish it out to everyone else.

They’re never wrong.”

11. Gaslighting.

“If they are willing to gaslight you.

I have memory problems due to MS, and when someone is willing to bend your reality there is a huge moral issue happening.”

12. Called out.

“They constantly say or do things where their only justification for doing so is “It was just a joke” when called out on it.”

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