12 People Tell the Truth About Living with Antisocial Personality Disorder

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I don’t know about you, but when I hear antisocial personality disorder, I immediately think of people like Jeffrey Dahmer and Charles Manson.

But just because atrocities have been committed by sociopathic people doesn’t mean that all people suffering from this disorder will go on to commit atrocities.

To be diagnosed with this disorder, a person merely has to show a pattern of behavior that is outside societal norms (antisocial), often seen as antagonistic or manipulative.

A lot of people describe it as not feeling emotion or remorse.

Here, 12 people explain what a diagnosis of antisocial personality disorder means to them.

1. Sometimes you avoid people altogether

Your dog will never judge you.

I hate being around people too... I'd rather be at home with my dog and no one understands. I have ADP and it's just better this way.

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2. An explanation for everything

That ah ha moment where it all starts to make sense.

This morning I learned that I have an antisocial personality disorder which I later learned is a nice way of saying I'm a sociopath. Sadly, it all makes sense now...

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3. May cause unexpected emotional reactions

Happy to have an explanation?

My therapist said I have antisocial personality disorder. It's apparently the PC way of telling me I'm a sociopath. Is it wrong that it makes me happy?

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4. It doesn’t necessarily impact your job

But apparently it legally can, which seems wrong.

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5. Dating is just… harder

For you and for your significant other.

I'm a girl who's been diagnosed with antisocial personality disorder. I want to date, but feel like I should date someone similar and leave the healthy people alone.

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6. Even you might be surprised by your feelings

Which can make navigating relationships all the more difficult.

I have antisocial personality disorder (sociopath) and by some miracle... I think I'm actually, genuinely... in love. Somehow I can feel something. It's confusing and new, but I want more.

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7. You have to pretend a lot

Which makes you feel really weird during social interactions.

I have antisocial personality disorder. When I talk to people I do'nt feel and I'm not able to convey emotion and thoughts like normal. It's like I'm nothing if I'm not pretending for someone.

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8. But a diagnosis can be unexpected

Sometimes it’s like–what are you supposed to do with this new information?

I might have antisocial personality disorder that branches off into psychopathy. This completely changes my life...

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9. It can also be hard to believe

But to each their own. You have to do what’s right for you.

I think a lot of mental illnesses are made up, and I've been diagnosed with antisocial personality disorder. I don't think I'm ill, I just have a bad personality. I'm not going to try and make excuses here.

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10. Even with a diagnosis, it can be hard on your family

What do they say? We hurt the ones we love?

Antisocial personality disorder really hurts my family life. I have no emotions and never have remorsefor my actions.

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11. The diagnosis itself doesn’t make you good or bad

It’s how you learn to deal with it, your behavior and actions.

I have antisocial personality disorder which means I'm a diagnosed sociopath. I experience and process emotions differently. This doesn't make me evil and you shouldn't be scared of me.

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12. You can still live a full, rich life

And spend your time helping others.

I have antisocial personality disorder, OCD and anxiety (yes, I'm diagnosed) and I'm a nurse. I love my job and my illnesses are not stopping me from that.

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These really go to show that you can’t make assumptions about people based on a medical diagnosis.

Do you know anyone with antisocial personality disorder? Tell us about it in the comments.