12 People Who Are Having a Worse Lockdown Than You Are

©Unsplash,Ivan Aleksic

Let’s cut through all the BS right here and now. This whole lockdown we’re living through right now is NO FUN AT ALL.

But, it’s times like these that we need to pull up our bootstraps and keep on moving forward. Oh, and we need to LAUGH, too.

So to help you do that, here are some funny photos of people who are most likely have a worse lockdown than you are….enjoy!

And hang in there!

1. I think there might be a little problem here…

Maybe your cat has great athletic ability and can jump really high?

2. Typical cat behavior…this time on live TV.

The risks of working from home…

This was on my friends local news. I laughed so hard.
byu/RocksOnReddit924 infunny

3. At the absolute worst possible time.

I hope you own a hat…

4. Just so you know, this package contains a DILDO.

I wonder how many of the neighbors saw this…

When you think you’re being discreet buying adult toys online [OC from my sister who allowed me to share her embarrassment with the world]
byu/GroundbreakingCat inmildlyinfuriating

5. The only two cars on the road and this happened?

Well, that’s not good at all!

Both cars crashed into each other today in New Belgrade.
byu/Porodicnostablo ineurope

6. Disaster area.

Looks like a coal miner.

The printer exploded…
byu/joshdyson inWellthatsucks

7. Do you have a small child you can give it to?

Or you can just use it as a head warmer.

Washed my favourite jumper 🙁
byu/KarenFromAccounts inWellthatsucks

8. That would terrify me.

There’s a stranger lurking in the house…

My 4 year old nephew about killed me last night at 2 am. He moved his child sized storm trooper into the hall next to the bathroom.
byu/Herosnap infunny

9. What are the chances of this?

Can you imagine?

As if Covid-19 and losing jobs wasn’t bad enough, we just lost both cars to a tree. Happy Easter everyone!
by inWellthatsucks

10. They’re gonna be waiting a looooooong time.

Got ya, kids!

My kids waiting for the bus today. Happy April fools day!
byu/goblu33 infunny

11. Timing is everything…

And in this case, it’s BAD timing.

My only computer dies just when the country goes into lockdown and Uni puts everything online. Also the warranty just expired last month.
byu/ZaydMenk inWellthatsucks

12. This is not funny at all.

Good luck and stay safe out there!

Guess whose patient has been diagnosed positive and now the night shift doesn’t want to come, so I have 12 more hours ahead
byu/venda321 inWellthatsucks

We hope those photos cheered you up, at least a little bit.

Do you have any funny stories or photos from your current situation at home?

If so, please share them with us in the comments!

We’d love to hear from you!