12 People Who Learned the Hard Way How to Use Spray-On Sunscreen

We all know by now that skin cancer is a real threat to our health and well-being; we all realize that those days of lying out in the sun for hours to get that perfect, sun-kissed tan are over.

That said, choosing a sunscreen and applying that sunscreen seem to still be presenting some challenges.

These 12 people figured that spray-on sunscreen must be easier than spreading all of that greasy crap on themselves, but they soon learned that isn’t technically correct.

12. The instructions actually say to rub it in.

But I guess people don’t always read.

Spray sunscreen would provide adequate coverage they said…
byu/bjohnson32 inSkincareAddiction

11. Wow, that looks like it hurts.

You can see the whole spray path.

10. She did spray it.

She just didn’t rub it in.

My SO’s interpretation of “yeah, I sprayed your back with sunscreen”
by inWellthatsucks

9. Ooh, the whole family learned.

Or at least, I hope they did.

My friends first time in the Florida sun. Apparently it was also their first time using spray on sunscreen.
byu/mynickname86 infunny

8. He’s going to be wearing a shirt for awhile.

A real sacrifice in the summer, let me tell you.

7. This makes me cringe.

It’s like something dripped down her legs.


6. This comparison sent me over the edge.

It’s so apropos!

5. On the face, too.

That’s awkward.

4. There should at least be streaks over the whole back!

This guy needs new friends.

Asked my friend to spray sunscreen on my back… not the most even coat
byu/LambSauce26 inWellthatsucks

3. I bet she laughed, too.

Even though it was her fault.

Last summer when my wife “sprayed” sunscreen all over my back.
byu/ryanthesmith infunny

2. How does this even happen?

Those are almost perfect triangles.


1. That’s one random spray.

He lingered on some areas and not others.


It’s ok to laugh, I think. Just this once.

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