10 Crazy and Weird People Who Probably Should Not Be Allowed to Internet

There are all sorts of people on the internet, god love ’em. All sorts of people make the world go ’round, right, and that’s the way things are.

When you’re buying or selling things online, or maybe reading memes posted by your family and friends on Facebook, interacting with all of them, it can get a bit tedious. The only thing that helps is having a sense of humor…and I sure hope these 10 people have that in spades.

10. I have bad news for this lady about the internet.

She needs a drink or something.

9. It’s like you’re having two totally different conversations.

Or speaking two different languages, maybe.

8. Imagine living your life like this.

I mean you can keep your Pepsi, though.

Image Credit: Reddit

7. That doesn’t seem right.

Wrong on so many levels…

6. I am just sitting here blinking at this.

Like…it’s still your baby, so figure it out?

5. Yes getting your doctorate is super easy I hear.

Maybe the person who posted it should try writing a dissertation in that font and see what happens.

4. Any of you moon believers omg.

How is this a thing?

3. I don’t think throwing furniture at your kid is the answer.

Maybe you didn’t turn out as good as you think?

2. I honestly think I’m too smart to understand what they’re trying to say.

What do you suppose it means that I’m allergic to soy?

1. I’m not even doing this stuff for my kids, y’all.

What planet is this chick from?

The woman who posted the screenshots said OP is 30.
byu/jumboface inChoosingBeggars

Why are people, you guys?! Humans make everything so much harder than it has to be!

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