15 Americans Who Can’t Recognize Their Own Dang Flag

If there’s one thing you would think Americans could get right, it’s their flag. We love that thing. We love to salute it, fly it, wave it in people’s faces, the whole nine yards.

But, strangely, a large number of people can’t seen to recognize it in miniature.

The proof is in these 15 folks, who chose the Liberian flag almost without exception.

15. Something tells me she didn’t say thank you.

So I approve of the “you’re welcome” very much.

Image Credit: Facebook

14.  Send the message.

Do it. Click send.

I think this belongs here.
byu/12Mewtwo inaccidentallyliberian

13. I’m sure the Liberian troops appreciate the shout out.

Also, why is this a brag?

On a post about how Canada doesn’t have an army (we do)
by inaccidentallyliberian

12. Or just don’t try again, Kelly.

We would all by super grateful.

Guess Kelly was too busy licking boots to realize her mistake
byu/Cloudpaii ininsanepeoplefacebook

11. Also who is Niki and why are you standing on her?

So many passive aggressive remarks, y’all…

10. She had to hashtag Pride Month, didn’t she?

Whoever taught her American history is definitely not proud.

A true patriot
byu/Weslii infacepalm

9. The person who received this comment also did not see a problem.

I would bet my life on it.

Image Credit: Facebook

8. I am interested in her choice for both of these emojis, honestly.

But yeah, that’s not the ‘Merican flag.

7. It’s true, this is always funny.

It also makes it super easy to dismiss their opinion.

6. Or Liberia, I guess.

Why not, we’ve wasted money on all of these other investigations.

Investigate the Liberians!
byu/cclod inaccidentallyliberian

5. Nope, I don’t think it’s my Android. Ha!

Honestly, I expect most people from Texas to be able to recognize their flag. That’s like a whole semester of school.

Texas boys !
byu/scann_ye inShitAmericansSay

4. Hey, he or she tried.

It’s the thought that counts.

Just got this text from my grandma. Happy fourth everyone 🇺🇸🇱🇷🇺🇸
byu/lphelan15 inaccidentallyliberian

3. Such a speech! And then…

Crash and burn. Epic.

A lot to unpack here
byu/jeahboi inaccidentallyliberian

2. No one has to learn what the Texas flag looks like outside of Texas, though.

I’m sure the emoji people are scratching their head at why the Liberian flag is so popular.

Found this sub today, already spotted a Liberian Texas
by inaccidentallyliberian

1. If only it were that easy.

It’s never that easy. You know that. But we keep trying!

You have to just love people, right?

Bless their little pea pickin’ hearts.