12 People Who Weren’t Afraid to Call Out Everyday Chauvinism

The world is a different place than it was a decade ago, and of course, even more different than it was in the decades before that – and one thing that’s changed it how people are more and more willing to stand up for their beliefs in every day life.

When we see racism or xenophobia or sexism skipping about unchecked, we’re more and more likely to call it out – which is exactly what these 12 people did.

12. You keep using that word.

I don’t think it means what you think it means.

Invasive, huh? from TrollXChromosomes

11. How about just don’t touch anyone you don’t know.

And ask before you touch the people you do know, eh?

Stop touching me, please and thanks. from TrollXChromosomes

10. “No” is a complete sentence.

Pass it on.

Girls are always taught how to stay safe, it’s not as common to teach boys to not create unsafe situations from TrollXChromosomes

9. See how easily they flipped that around?

They really didn’t even have to try.

Hm from TrollXChromosomes

8. They’re just right there.

Like, you think the lightbulb is going to come on just any second.

So close to getting the point from TrollXChromosomes

7. You don’t owe anyone a smile.

Thank you, Greta.

The world needs more of this: pissed off young women who refuse to smile. from TrollXChromosomes

6. People who believe this didn’t raise their boys right.

All humans have feelings, Pam.

Bless the boys from TrollXChromosomes

5. Undoing the sexism in the world is hard for everyone.

Women as much as men, most of the time.

This explains a whole fucking lot, actually from TrollXChromosomes

4. Yes indeed it is weird Todd.

Take a note, maybe.

I’m sure selfawarewolves would love this from TrollXChromosomes

3. It is not OK at all.

From the mouths of babes.

With pleasure, Julianne. from TrollXChromosomes

2. They turn on you so fast.

Of course, logic doesn’t really apply these days.

No where is safe. from TrollXChromosomes

1. That would be easy.

Shows what you know, Liz.

I don’t know why this made me laugh so hard from TrollXChromosomes

This makes me feel so hopeful for the future, y’all.

What’s a time you witnessed something beautiful like this?

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