12 People Who Wish They Would Have Known Who They Were Talking To

Gone are the days when celebrities or well-known artists are inaccessible by the masses, or when the people who hire or employ or admit you to school never really know what you’re like in your private life.

With social media, most of us have to assume that anything we say could come back to bite us, or at least be called into question, if the people we interact with take issue.

And these 12 people must really, really wish they had remembered that fact before shooting off at the mouth to someone who mattered.

12. Yeah, Philip, who do you think you are?

Oh, right, a doctor.

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11. I guess maybe it can be hard to see details on a computer screen?

Or maybe this is the rare person who actually doesn’t see race?

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10. Maybe just assume the person knows what they’re talking about?

Or die cringing, I suppose.

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9. When you’re talking TO the primary source material.

And tell him to go shove it.

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8. Don’t judge a book by its cover and all of that.

No matter how pretty it is.

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7. That’s some kind of scientist, right?

Not a bone scientist, but still.

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6. I assume he had on a badge.

Maybe not, though.

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5. He was fresh out of restraint.

And honestly, I don’t blame him.

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4. I was just waiting for this slam dunk.

I was not disappointed.

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3. This is making me sick to my stomach.


2. I guess he thought she was just another pretty face…

But not another pretty face AND a pretty face that was in the movies.

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1. I guess this is the fail of online companies.

Maybe it’s not a bad thing, though, just a thing.

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I am cringing so hard with secondhand embarrassment!

Has anything like this every happened to you, or have you witnessed it happen?