12 People’s Hilarious Attempts to ‘Quarantine a Book’

Image Credit: Twitter

There are a few ways that people are entertaining themselves during this forced isolation. We’re doing puzzles. We’re gardening. We’re binging television shows and taking walks and baking bread.

And some of us are getting really, really good at winning Jimmy Fallon’s hashtag games.

Like these 12 people, who had really hilarious responses to #QuarantineABook.

12. The best seat in the house.

Unless it’s the saggy one.

11. Just one small edit.

And suddenly it’s a tragedy.

10. This one is pretty brilliant.

And I wish more people would watch it.

9. Not wearing pants is the best part of this whole thing.

Be honest. You’re not wearing any right now.

8. So sweeping and romantic.

Unlike the original, for sure.

7. Not nearly as romantic, but it works.

I’m not happy about it, though.

6. I have a couple of those at my house.

No one is turning into a beautiful butterfly, though.

5. It works. No one listened to the Order of the Phoenix, either.

They were just making up slanderous lies, I tell you!

4. Very clever play on words.

A++, my friend. Are you single?

3. I have put cleaner on some pretty adventurous things.

No, I will not elaborate. That’s between me and poison control.

2. It was almost too easy.

I hope this book is less boring than the original.

1. That little question on Netflix is more judgy than God.

New Testament God, for sure.

I’m definitely not clever enough to come up with these!

If you are, let us know how you would have answered in the comments!