12 Posts About English That Will Confuse Even People Who Speak English

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English is one of the hardest languages for non-native speakers to learn, and if you don’t believe me, consider how poorly a vast majority of native English speakers understand their own language.

There are as many ways to break rules as there are rules, and really, most of them are arbitrary and make little sense to begin with.

Need some examples? Here are 12 that will twist your mind into knots.

12. Why are there so many ways to spell Sean, though?

And don’t even get me started on Seamus.

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11. This is a good jumping off point.

It kind of makes you feel better about all the rest of it.


10. We’re blowing your mind.

And also infuriating you at the same time.


9. There’s literally no rhyme or reason.

See what I did there?

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8. Go ahead and just ruminate on that for a minute.

But not longer, unless you want to get angry.

7. I’m going to pronounce ‘naked’ like ‘baked’ and vice versa from now on.

I’m sure that won’t cause any confusion.

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6. At least you can’t mix them up.

Just pick one. You can’t go wrong!

The phrases “you’re shit” and “you ain’t shit” mean the same thing
byu/sad_lord_01 inShowerthoughts

5. Non-English speakers have no idea what’s going on here.

And honestly, I’m kind of jealous.

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4. It makes us all really uncomfortable.

That’s why English does it, of course.


3. And it just keeps going on and on my friend.

We could do this all day.


2. The American South does have the market cornered on contractions.

The really really fun kind.

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1. Do you think English made this pun on purpose?

Or was it a happy accident?


I need a drink, you guys.

Which English nonsense rule is your most/least favorite? Tell us in the comments!