12 Posts That Have No Right to Be This Ridiculous

There are dumb things on the internet and then there are posts like these 12, where you’re pretty sure you’ve lost some IQ points just reading them.

If that sounds like the way you want to spend your afternoon, well, read on my friends.

12. Nope. That’s not right.

I need to know if there was a reply.

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11. I literally can’t.

Maybe it was just a momentary lapse thing?

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10. I hope she gets it from you.

Otherwise, one of you is in trouble.

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9. I mean, it’s not wrong.

I’m just saying.

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8. What if I told you maps weren’t new.

In fact, they’re really, really old.

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7. I think we know why their family thinks that way.

Leave those kids alone.

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6. The reply is the real winner here.

A good pun is always the way to go.

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5. Poor John.

He doesn’t know he’s delicious dinner.

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4. That’s definitely not how any of this works.

We are not, in fact, gods.

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3. Oh, honey.

Lots to unpack here.

Be smart for once
byu/MitcheMarsh infacepalm

2. Trust me, they know.

Just think about it for a few minutes.

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1. Do you suppose one is smarter than the other?

Probably not.

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Ugh, why do I do that to myself? I can actually answer that! Because I don’t know when to stop. It’s a gift.

Which one of these posts made you feel the absolute dumbest? I need to know in the comments!