12 Posts That Just Might Make You Smile

We choose content on our site for all kinds of reasons – to inform, to educate, to build community, and yes, often just because it’s stinking hilarious.

The funny posts are some of my favorites, because I think laughing together not only builds community, but it has the ability to just turn your day around in the blink of an eye as well.

If that sounds like something you need today, you’re in luck – these 12 posts are teed up and ready to go!

12. Those time estimates are usually under.

By quite a bit, at least in our house.

Image Credit: Someecards

11. Seriously murder is too much work.

There are some petty crimes that would really pay off.

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10. Nailed it.

What more do you need in the summer months?

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9. There is no accounting for brains.

They’re kind of jerks, aside from keeping us alive.

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8. Adults want to have fun, too.

Also, we are lazy and usually running late.

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7. You’re praying it’s not five minutes before your alarm is going off.

Those are the absolute worst starts to a day.

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6. We’re kids at heart.

And these days we have a lot of time on our hands.

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5. Just a few parts.

Certainly not all of them. Nope.

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4. You’re forgetting about your anxiety.

Better fix that for the next several hours, preferably when you’re supposed to be sleeping.

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3. He’s keeping the house safe from vermin.

You know he’s always hated those blinds anyway.

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2. Hey, listen to your body people.

It will tell you what it needs.

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1. It depends on what you look like.

And you know, whether you’re not a jerk irl.

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I hope you got as much amusement out of those as I did, y’all.

Tell us in the comments which was your favorite and whether or not you shared one with a friend!