12 Heartwarming Photos of True Love and Amazing Friendships

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Sometimes we just need a little reminder in this world that everything lovely and warm and sweet isn’t dead or dying.

If you’re having one of those days when that sounds like just what you need, here are 12 pictures bound to do the trick.

And away we go!

#11. It’s not just a rock.

It’s a promise. Or something like that.

In 1983 I told my 14-year-old girlfriend to “just get me a rock” for Christmas. She did. I married her. 35 years later we are still together, I still have it, and it is the most precious gift I have ever received.
byu/Kamots66 inpics

#10. Everyone needs a smile now and again.

This gal will keep them buzzing for years!

A cute amazon review I revisit just for a smile. An 88 year old woman and her 92 year old husband attend a Halloween party. Btw they liked the bee costume.
byu/lilplantlady inaww

#9. Someone is cutting onions.

This is the best reason for closing.

The best kind of time off
byu/GallowBoob inEyebleach

#12. The best of both worlds.

Old school cool, right there!

My parents, both Polish immigrants, soon after meeting in Chicago in the late 70’s. They recently moved back to Poland for retirement after 40 years living the American Dream.
byu/krol_artur inOldSchoolCool

#7. Playgrounds and friendship last forever.

So amazing!

28 years and one well built playground later
byu/GrandeNic0 inOldSchoolCool

#6. This is everything.

That is an AMAZING portrait!

My parents in the 80s, in their traditional Japanese marriage portait.
byu/princessblorf inOldSchoolCool

#5. A sense of humor is the key to every long-lasting romance.

A little cross dressing to bond!

My grandma and grandpa dressing up as each other in the 1940’s
byu/dahlek88 inOldSchoolCool

#4. The internet can be used for good!

First… Bri reaches out to the internet…

And guess what…

#3. A lasting relationship.

I love these side-by-side photos.

Moroccan grandpa and American grandson, 24 years later
byu/boganc inOldSchoolCool

#2. Life is a series of moments.

These two are amazing!

An elderly couple I met in Hoi An, Vietna. whom have been married over 70 years. They showed us their garden and we had tea with them afterwards. There wasnt a moment where they were not smiling together.
by inpics

#1. True love is alive.

So amazing to see love like this!

Image Credit: Twitter

Be the light that illuminates the world, and people will love you not just for the brightness you bring, but the warmth you inspire.

Or something like that.

Alright… we want to hear from you. Which one of these really tugged at your heart strings? We know at least one of these had to melt those cold, icy centers of your soul, right?

We kid, but we’d still like to hear your thoughts.

Write those down in the comments!