12 Pretty Eye-Popping Stories From People Who Work at Casinos

Casinos are strange places. Inside, everything smells a bit like stale crab and desperation, time seems to stop, and you’re pretty sure that everyone (other than you and the people you came with) is not to be trusted.

I don’t know why this is my view, and maybe I’m alone in it, but there you go.

These 12 crazy stories from casino employees aren’t doing much to change my mind, but hey – at least they’re super entertaining.

12. Nail everything down.

“Customers will come into the restaurants expecting to get free food because they blew their whole paycheck at the casino.

They’d also steal the most random things, like sugar caddies, salt and pepper shakers, utensils, and cloth napkins all because they feel entitled to it since they spend so much money at the casino.” —marcopolo0991

11. There is nothing ok about this.

“Grown adults will wear diapers and poop and pee themselves because they don’t want to give up their slot machines.” —marcopolo0991

10. That’s just NOT OK.

“We recently had a pooping incident.

Their host went to our employee wardrobe and asked for an extra pair of uniform pants, and the player just continued on with their gambling.” —chocotee

9. This is just sad in so many ways.

“Working at the front desk, you got a LOT of wives calling at 3 a.m. crying and asking us to let them know if their husbands were there, and to tell them to come home.

We were unfortunately not allowed to do that because of our privacy policy.” —bookeroth

8. What a way to go.

“Our cleaning department unfortunately finds people dead from overdoses semi-regularly. Mind you, this is at a regular old casino chain location.” —marcopolo0991

7. My mouth just fell open.

“One time, a man died at a slot machine where I work and nobody noticed for hours. He was blue and cold when the medics got there from downstairs.” —stephaniemignogna

6. Talk about not thinking ahead.

 “One time, this man and his wife came to the front desk to ask if the casino could pay for them to get a cab ride home since they lost all of their money.

They lost all their money and didn’t even have enough for bus fare.” —bookeroth

5. Life is full of ups and downs, I suppose.

“I worked as a slot attendant — the fun job where you pay out jackpots. One afternoon, a machine went off and we’re trained to be excited and congratulatory, but this woman was crying, and not happy tears either.

She told me her dad had just had a heart attack and was in the hospital. Talk about a situation to be in! We rushed getting her jackpot, paid her out, and the poor thing ran out of there so fast.” —k2021

4. I hate this.

“When we reopened in June last year after the first surge of COVID, we had most of the usual crowd. This included middle-aged adults who take their elderly parents to the casino because they’re responsible for caring for them.

Elderly parents on oxygen tanks and in wheelchairs who are basically forced to sit next to their gambling-addict children at the height of the pandemic.” —crm4700

3. Now I’m depressed.

“After we reopened during the pandemic, the most common form of payment being used were the unemployment cards. I can’t tell you the amount of times people have told me they gambled their rent away.” —chocotee

2. That poor man.

“I had an older woman with her husband tell me (in front of him) how he has to wear maxi pads when they went to the casino because he plays so long that he ‘dribbles’ (pees his pants).

He was super embarrassed. She called it his ‘casino equipment.'” —crm4700

1. See? My instincts were right.

“Something about casinos attracts scumbags. Even the employees. Every single married employee at both casinos I worked at in Los Angeles were cheating on their spouses.

They were having sex with the regulars and getting pregnant by other married employees. It was a sh%*show.” —bookeroth

Just when I think I can’t be appalled by human beings again…

If you work at a casino or ever have, drop your own horror stories in the comments!