12 Recent Posts the Internet Really Loved

It’s easy to miss good content online. There’s so much stuff, all the time, and way too many funny, insightful, and witty people out there to possibly keep track of them all on your own.

That’s why you have us, though – and we won’t let you down. These 12 posts are recent darlings of the interwebs, so please enjoy!

12. Kudos to him for not deleting it.

That takes some seriously self control.

11. This is awful.

But also great at the same time.


10. Some people love the attention.

Babies get it al the time and they don’t even do anything!

9. Apologizing is one of the steps to healing.

But I mean. That was some pretty awful stuff.

8. It’s like an ad for Twilight.

But with a more realistic-looking baby.

7. Spoiler alert.

This movie, y’all. I will never get over the reviews.

6. So much homoeroticism.

That they just act like doesn’t exist.


5. Fire.

I would love it if this was real.

4. This is clearly the joke of the week.

And I’m not at all tired of it.

3. I snorted.

This is actually so weird but also funny.


2. The most adorable adorable.

I want them both.

1. Those associations really work.

All the better if it’s two bad things in a row.

People are so funny, y’all. For real.

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