12 Superpowers That Would Suck to Have in Real Life

Photo Credit: iStock

Superpowers aren’t real… But what if they were? According to Redditors, there are some superpowers that would seriously suck in real life, even though they look really cool in the movies.

Here are 12 superpowers that would definitely be overrated IRL (especially if you couldn’t control them properly).

1. Reading minds.

“Mind reading. Especially if you can’t shut it off. Imagine being in a room with a dozen people and just being blasted with every thought at once. What if it’s more than that. What if you go to a baseball game with 40,000 people?”

2. Rapid healing.

“I bet if you could rapidly heal you couldn’t get intoxicated.”

“That’s even mentioned in movies. Wolverine is always drinking, yet you never really see him drunk. Cap even says because of his accelerated metabolism, he can’t get drunk.”

3. Passing through solid objects.

“From Wormhole X-treme (recurring fake tv show in the amazing Sci Fi series Stargate):

Actor: So I’m having a little trouble with scene 27. It says that I’m “out of phase” so can pass my hand through solid matter or walk through walls?
Producer: yeah yeah, cause you’re “out of phase”
Actor: So… how come I don’t fall through the floor?”

4. X-ray vision.

“X-ray vision, because face it, looking at skeletons all day everyday will get old fast if you have an appreciation for the fleshy bits.”

5. Super strength.

“I feel like superstrength would be dangerous. Obviously there are some super great benefits to it, but I feel like the initial learning curve would be really dangerous. High five to a stranger? Their arm is in Canada. Pet a dog? Congrats, you have a new fur pelt. Beating off? God save your soul.”

6. Super speed.

“Running really fast but with actual physics. If you ran past people at the speed of light you would most likely heat up the air enough to the point to incinerate nearby people and objects.”

“Also going near the speed of light causes time dilation, so time would be fast forwarding when you’re moving fast.”

7. Immortality.

“Immortality would have to be the absolute worst. No escape from the constant pain of everyone you love dying.”

8. Flying.

“Flight. To put it shortly, there are many ways you could die (unless you’re also invulnerable).”

“Lack of oxygen, especially if you went too high too quickly, the windburn, the freezing temperatures, increased radiation exposure. Sounds like a blast!”

“Yeah, and literally everybody you know would try to get you to do their errands. “It’s rush hour, it will take me forever to pick up the food. But you could just fly over there and back in no time at all! It would only take you a minute! Please???””

9. Shape-shifting.

“You might end up pursuing perfection so much you end up looking like a weird doll. Also it looks like it hurts.”

10. Laser vision.

“Laser vision, having to wear those special glasses all the time, like indoors or at night, is going to make everyone assume you are either a Dbag, blind, or a creep.”

11. Invisibility.

“If you were born with this power, you practically wouldn’t exist and your parents would be quite confused. Also, if you were not seen, people would constantly bump into you, push you, and you might get locked out of public or private areas. If you developed this power over time, your parents would be immensely concerned if you were not visible.”

“Now theoretically there’s two ways to be invisible, by somehow replicating the scenery behind you on your skin / clothes like an advanced form of camouflage, or just by simply not reflecting light at all. This would make you completely invisible, but it would also mean you’d be blind if light simply ignored your retina.”

12. Teleportation.

“It seems great at first, but you wouldn’t want to walk or go anywhere after a while – you can just appear there. But no one can see your powers, so you slowly turn into a recluse and only go out at night, literally popping in and out of your favorite spots around town.”