12 Things All Women Do, Even if We Don’t Like to Talk About It

Not all women are the same, but there are some universal experiences that tie us all together – and those bonds are tight, y’all.

We all do weird things and have gross experiences, and honestly, it feels pretty good to share sometimes!

12. She’s more dedicated than I am.


Kegels in meetings at work.

Kegels in the movie theatre.

Kegels at dinner with friends.

Kegels everywhere.

If you’re talking to me, and I’m sitting, I am definitely kegeling.

11. I don’t know how they walk around with those things.

Wondered what it’s like to have a penis.

If I woke up with a penis, I’d probably masturbate all day.

10. It’s weird. We know it.

Open my mouth really wide while putting mascara on.

Also, redoing updos 30 times even though I’m pretty sure it looks the same every time.

9. And curse your tweezers in the process.

Spend far too much time trying to pluck one eyebrow hair that won’t f*ck off.

8. This made me chuckle.

Got on all fours in front of a mirror to see what doggystyle looks like from the dude’s perspective.

not bad.

7. No questions asked.

Give a lady a tampon when she asks.

No matter who they are.

6. Like a lot.

I check myself out a lot.

5. The panic is real.

Tried on a shirt that was too small, then started to panic in the dressing room after realizing how restrictive it is when you can’t get it back off over the boobs/shoulders.

Start thinking that you either have to 1) buy the shirt and live in it now, or 2) they’re going to have to use the jaws of life to remove it.

4. Every bathroom should have extras.

I cant believe I hadn’t seen this one yet, but use a layer of tp in your underwear to tide you over until you can get a pad or tampon on those days when your period shows up unexpectedly

3. It’s a life skill.

Taking off our bra without taking off our shirt, through the sleeves.

It’s a hassle, but it feels. so. good. to let those puppies free after a long day!

2. She’s not alone.

When you wear a tight pair of pants and their is the seam that creates a little bulge right in the crotch, when you sit it presses against your vagina nicely, so you wiggle back and forth a bit to enjoy it.

I can’t be the only women that has felt it or enjoyed it.

1. The only time it’s nice.

After shaving, wear silky or satin-y pj’s.

I’ve definitely experienced all of these.

If you’ve got more to add, drop them in the comments!