These 11 Women Divulge the Secret Things They Think All Ladies Do

Just because we don’t talk about every strange thing we do in private doesn’t mean we’re not reasonably sure 99% of other women are doing it, too.

And sure, there are moments when you say something and all of your friends look at you like you’re crazy, but these 11 things? You’ll definitely relate.

11. Just like a dude.

I stick my hand down my pants all the time- watching tv, playing on the computer.

It’s not sexual, I just hold my lady while I watch Netflix.

10. It’s like a little magic trick.

Cup shower water in my boobies then unleash the water torrent on my walls/toes.

9. You gotta have a sense of humor.

Hold my boobs while running down the stairs… That sh%t hurts.

Also, naming my boobs! I’m sure there’s another girl out there with Mary Kate and Ashley like me.

Mary Kate’s the left one… The bad one.

8. Totally normal.

If there is another girl in front of me 9/10 times I am checking out her ass.

7. Mermaid hair!

Measure to see if our hair can cover our boobs/nipples in a playboy manner when just down.

We all do it, I am sure of it.

6. More YouTube.

Spending 30 mins in front of the mirror trying to get the “cat eye” liquid eyeliner just right.

So far I’ve never succeeded.

5. They’re gorgeous!

Admire another women’s beauty, as well as be jealous of another women’s beauty.

4. It’s warm down there.

Place hands in crotch for warmth.

3. A universal experience.

Enjoy the rush of freedom and lack of constriction that comes from taking one’s bra off at the end of the day.

Be free, my titties!

2. Better than sex.

That amazing back/stomach scratch when you take your bra off after a long day.

Best feels ever.

1. Why else would you shave?

Let our legs get hairy until they see some action.

You know you do it!

I am laughing, but also comforted!

What else would you add to this list?

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