12 Things Midwesterners Need to Answer for Immediately

There’s no question that the United States takes up a whole lotta space, and with everyone so spread out, cultural differences are strong in certain places.

And while it might seem to some that the Midwest doesn’t have much culture, I think these 12 questions prove otherwise…and I promise, there are very good answers to every single one.

12. We do love our roadtrips.

Because they are objectively awesome.

11. Because we’re wistful of their cooler summers?

Really it’s because we pronounce things how we want.

10. We don’t mind it if it’s pretty.

And as long as it’s not April.

9. What’s your hurry?

We’ve got all day; enjoy the view!

8. Why would you NOT add bacon if it’s an option?

This question confuses me.


7. There was probably alcohol involved.

And also a boat.

6. Because it can, obviously.

Maybe not solved, but you’ll definitely feel better.

5. So we know how it looked from your house!

I mean, how is that even a question?

4. It’s so kitschy!

Yes, every single time.


3. It’s a fashion statement.

But also we are hiding from our HOA guy.

2. During the holidays we need the extra fridge AND the cold garage.

But also we have summer dopes. Where am I going to put all this extra bacon otherwise?

1. You just answered your own question.

Fun is essential.

I, a Midwesterner, cannot stop giggling!

If you’re one of us, how would you answer these questions? Tell us in the comments!