12 Things That Once Ruined Your Day but Don’t Even Matter Anymore

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Back in the day, there was always that one thing that could turn your world upside down. But years later, it’s easy to see how we all tended to overreact.

From tangled headphones to a snapped wristband, it’s funny to reflect on how we made a big deal out of something so small. Let’s take a look back at 12 things that used to cause serious headaches but now lead to laughs.

1. Livestrong bands that slowly snapped into submission.

After wearing it for a few years straight, what did you expect?

2. What do you mean I’m not in your Top 8?

Remember ranking your MySpace top 8 friends? from nostalgia

May friendships were forever changed because of MySpace. Those eight friends must have felt really special.

3. Trying to keep it together while your CD keeps on skipping.

These panasonic CD players! Anti-skip technology from nostalgia

Hold that CD player steady. The iPod really was a massive upgrade in the skipping department.

4. Patiently waiting for your disposable camera’s photos only to see your big thumb blocking the view.

So many potentially beautiful photos were ruined with one finger. Thumbs down on that one.

5. Spending hours downloading your favorite Soulja Boy track on LimeWire.

I don’t know what was worse: Waiting for your LimeWire download to finish, or realizing you just wasted hours to listen to that awful track.

6. When someone ruined your ringtone recording.

One wrong noise and it’s back to square one.

7. Wrecking your ankle with your Razor scooter.

If you ever got smacked in the ankle with a scooter, you know that indescribable pain.

8. The never-ending FarmVille requests.

Photo Credit: AOL

There wasn’t enough room in the barn for that many FarmVille friends.

9. Realizing the Netflix series you want to watch isn’t coming out for weeks.

Marking down your calendar for the next series or movie release was actually a thing. Nowadays, you can basically find any show online.

10. Almost costing your family everything by using Internet data on your phone.


Escape! X-out! Cancel! So much allowance money wasted paying back your parents for your ridiculous data charges.

11. Having to wait for the TV guide to loop all the way back around.

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If you just missed out on what’s on channel four at 5 p.m., you might as well get comfy and wait for it to scroll back aground.

12. Your mom snooping on your text messages.

Proceed at your own risk, mom. That message wasn’t for you.

Do you have any funny frustrating memories from back in the day? Tell us about those moments you lost your cool that now give you reason to laugh in the comments below!