How to Hack Your Next Zoom Meeting with a Looping Video of Yourself

Photo Credit: Free Images

Zoom meetings have become quite a popular way of communicating lately. And for good reason. They allow us to connect with anyone around the world, often from the comfort of our couch or home office.

Technological advances have made these virtual meetings a staple. But even if we don’t have to be in a physical office space, that doesn’t mean meetings are any more enjoyable.

But what if there was a way to trick your virtual meeting attendees into thinking you’re there when you’re not?

It’s not just an employee’s dream gone wild. With a few simple steps, including some basic software and a webcam, you can create a looping video of yourself.

Here’s what you’ll need to do:

Step 1: Record your video

  1. Open the Zoom app and create a “New Meeting.”
  2. Once you’re positioned in the frame, press Alt + R to start recording.
  3. Make tiny movements with a neutral facial expression and pretend you’re actually listening to the Zoom speaker.
  4. After a few minutes, press Alt + R to stop recording.
  5. Close the meeting window.
  6. Find and open your Zoom recordings folder before going into the settings to find the recording.
  7. Copy and paste the recording to a new folder.

Step 2: Trim your footage

Now you must edit the video for proper looping.

Because Zoom adds black frames to the beginning of videos, you will need to remove them from your video to make it appear natural.

Utilize any video-editing software like Windows Movie Maker or Final Cut Pro to trim the frames from the video before saving.

Step 3: Create a virtual background

  1. Once you open Zoom, click on the gear-shaped Settings icon
  2. Go to virtual background and click + to add video
  3. Open the video you recorded and trimmed.

Now that you’ve hacked the system, don’t forget to cover your webcam with tape or paper so anything in the background doesn’t get caught up with the looping footage.

Hopefully you’re not called out by your boss in your next meeting. But in the meantime, this useful video trick can help save you the boredom of listening to last week’s sales numbers.

Have you recently utilized Zoom for work purposes? Tell us your funniest or most embarrassing virtual meeting moments in the comments below!