12 Times People Caught Celebrities Who Screwed Up And Called Them Out

Image Credit: Twitter

Listen, we all know that celebrities are people just like the rest of us. But given that they usually have more followers and more of a following, well…maybe it makes sense that they get called out harder and faster than the average bear when they make mistakes.

And these 12 errors in judgement (and otherwise) are truly cringeworthy.

12. Well, that’s certainly awkward.

Jonathan Cheban, aka @foodgod on Insta… getting the answer he likely didn’t expect.

Image Credit: Instagram

11. I mean sometimes it can be really hard to tell.

Maybe vet your sources just a bit better, though.

10. Is it nothing or something?

I’m very confused.

9. Copy and paste isn’t always your friend.

That’s just lazy. Lol.

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8. Come on Zac, you can do better than that.

I really want to like him but he just makes it so hard.

Image Credit: Twitter

7. Wow, really phoning it in.

You’re going to have to give back those free shoes.

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6. Those Asian tattoos get people all the time.

Ariana Grande does love attention. Also… why does her hand look like it belongs on a mannequin?

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5. Oh my gosh someone is busted.

This is kind of wholesome and hilarious. Bow Wow flying Coach Coach.

4. Does she not have a picture of her daughter on her phone?

Also…that search bar y’all.

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13. This was supposed to be a tribute to Stephen Hawking.

Yeah, that didn’t work out.

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2. But I mean…that’s not how you spell her name.

Such good friends, though.

1. We’re all stressed right now, okay?

We can’t pick up on all of the details.

I am soooo secondhand feeling awkward, you guys. Yikes!

Would you have called these out or let it go? Let’s figure it out in the comments!