People Talk About Things That Are Worth Paying Full Price For

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We love any tips we could use in order to save money, but some things are worth the full price!

An AskReddit thread asked people to recommend products consumers should never skimp on.

Here are some of their best suggestions!

20. A Good Desk Chair

“A really comfortable desk chair.

If it’s something you’re going to be sitting in for hours a day, spending a little extra on a chair is well worth it.”


19. Comfortable Work Boots

“Two pairs of good work boots.

Alternate them.”


18. Blackout Curtains For Your Room

“Blackout curtains for your bedroom.

You don’t realize how much light interferes with your sleep until you block out all the light.”


17. Positive Psychology Classes

“I took a class on positive psychology as an elective a few years ago.

I have used what I learned in that class practically every day since, through some very intense and upsetting times. I use what I learned in that class to help maintain my mental health during isolation, and for someone who struggles with severe depression, I’ve been doing a pretty damn good job.

Not only was that class worth every penny, I think it should be taught in high school for free.”


16. Braided Charging Cables

“A braided charging cable, to replace the non-braided type.”


15. This Important Item!

“A good mattress.”


14. Some Running Shoes

“I took up running recently because you can do it without a gym, which is where I had previously done my workouts in The Beforetimes.

I ran in sneakers for a while. Running shoes made the biggest difference in the world. I don’t feel the high impact of the pavement anymore and my legs are never sore.

And on the website where I bought them they had you do little exercises and observations of your walking to tell you which type of running shoes were best.”


13. This Type of Trash Can

“A trash receptacle with a foot pedal to open the lid.”


12. Better Clothes Hangers

“Wooden hangers. I swear to God it’s like living at Nordstrom’s.

And they last forever.”


11. Headphones Like This

“Noise cancelling headphones…..”


10. Paying Extra to Live Solo

“Paying more in rent to live without roommates.”


9. A Good Kitchen Knife

“A good chef knife.

I’ve been using mine for about 4 years now and it still keeps its edge.

May cost $200 dollars but it’s worth it instead of having to buy one every year.”


8. Charities With Awesome Benefits

“In the UK we have a charity called The National Trust

They protect Britain’s buildings, landscapes and coastlines.

Basically for a monthly membership of about £9 we (family of 4) get access to over 500 historic properties and 610000 acres of stunning landscape.

We take full advantage of membership and in normal circumstances our family visit national trust properties about twice a month.

We have picnics, long walks, take the bikes and frisbees. The Kids are free to run around, it’s absolute bliss.

Our local favourite property is Fountains Abbey https://youtu.be/jaGD4Qe5Tbw

Can’t wait to get back out.”


8. Top Floor Apartments!

“A top floor apartment.

They usually cost more than a downstairs apartment, but not having to listen to footsteps and plumbing noises is worth the extra cost.”


7. A Nice, Quality Soap!

“High quality soap.

I don’t mean like going to bath and body works and getting real smelly stuff, but like paying the $10 for three bars of Cetaphil body soap.

Lasts long and your skin won’t dry all to hell, and for me, no horrific allergic reaction to anything.”


6. An Electric Toothbrush

“An electric toothbrush.

I was gifted a Sonicare over 10 years ago, and will never go back to a manual toothbrush.

When I’ve had to use a manual toothbrush I feel like a caveman and my teeth never feel as clean.”


5. Brand-New Car Tires

“A new set of car tires.

Buy it nice or buy it twice.”


4. This Essential Item


2020 is no year for havin kids.”


3. Mental Health Services


Even when we’re not working through meaty stuff, I love having someone to offer different perspectives and challenge my perceptions of situations.

Plus, during an unexpected crisis like this? It’s nice to have someone on deck to help me work through all the bad shit.”


2. A Stand Mixer

“My mom received one in 1971 at my parents’ wedding.

It stayed in our attic, unbeknownst to me, for decades. I love to cook. Last year, “Hey, do you want a KitchenAid mixer?” It literally looks the exact same as the current one, and current accessories fit it perfectly. My girls will have to fight over who gets it when I die.

Best machine ever.”


1. Good Music Software

“Logic Pro X – or any music making software that will be the best for you!

Obviously this is for people who want to make music, but after 6 years on garage band (the free, limited version), I decided to buy the full version, Logic. It’s $250, lifetime ownership over multiple or upgraded devices, no hidden fees or subscriptions.

Not only have I been able to make money with it, it’s made me incredibly joyous and fulfilled. It’s like an artist buying a lifetime supply of canvas and paints!”—HandHoldingClub

These all sound like great investments! After all, some things are worth an extra buck or two.

Is there anything else that belongs on this list? Do comment below! We love awesome products!