12 Times People Totally Flubbed Their Words in the Most Cringe-Worthy Way

Sometimes, people on the internet do something so cringe-worthy that it just has to be eulogized in a meme.

Publicly confusing words that have totally different meanings is undoubtedly one of those moments.

Here are 12 times that people flubbed their words in the most embarrassing way.

1. That’s a low blow

Man, they went right for the family jewels here.

Image Credit: someecards

2. Don’t bike here!

I, too, have a tendency to be a twisted up cycle path.

Image Credit: someecards

3. LOL

Hop up out of bed, turn my swag on, and totally forget about the concept of chromosomes whatsoever.

Image Credit: someecards

4. An epic battle

Well, that seems like it’d be a fight to sink your teeth into indeed.

Image Credit: someecards

5. And a civilization weeps…

As a kid, I always my mom to buy me one of those rotisserie chickens. Who knew they had such a dark past?

Image Credit: someecards

6. Oh, that’s not good

That’s a triple whammy right there: cars, tacks, and an arrest – all in one day!

Image Credit: someecards

7. Wow, that’s ruff

If only it was a doggy dog world; we all might be a little happier with extra furry friends to cheer us up.

Image Credit: someecards

8. Let that sit for a while

Allow me to just digest how the Knicks have been doing recently.

Image Credit: someecards

9. This one

I seriously wonder how this person made it through the world while saying this phrase for so long.

Image Credit: someecards

10. What in the world

You’ve heard of seven layer dip; now meet nine layer case idea.

Image Credit: someecards

11. And they accept you, too

There’s no point in running away from something you’re born with.

Image Credit: someecards

12. Band dweebs, assemble

Somebody call the woodwinds – we’ve got a concerto coming in.

Image Credit: someecards

I hope that looking through all those massive vocabulary flubs made you feel like an expert wordsmith.

In any case, it’s great that we have silly memes like these to take the edge off – however much of a constant that might be.

What are some of the worst word flubs you’ve ever made on the internet? Share them with us in the comments!