There are memes for every occasion. Lists of every type (heaps of them!). But if you’re looking for some humor that gives you the giggles because the content is so painfully true, well, then you’re looking for a funny-because-it’s-true meme list.

And let me tell y’all, it doesn’t get any truer or any funnier than these 12 memes.

12. Someone needs to drink more water.

Hydration is life, my friend.

11. Isn’t anxiety fun, guys?

But seriously what if one of your friends did that to you or something.

10. Is there a better feeling in the world?

No. No there is not.

9. To feel otherwise is unnatural.

Follow the laws of the universe, people.

8. I think it got eaten, but…

It is a weird thing to notice in cartoons.

7. Can’t they put arrows on these things?

They could, but then they couldn’t laugh at us.

6. Eh, all animals get up early.

You do what the boss says, man.

5. There’s definitely a double letter in there somewhere.

Come on spell check, do your thing.

4. “Are you not entertained?

He would like his applause now please.

3. I know it makes me old but I do not know how this is a job.

Please do not explain it to me.

2. Those are not the best moments.

You tell yourself it won’t happen again, but…

1. It will never be as good as it was in your head.

Just keep it to yourself.

Spot on, right? Didn’t you think so, too?

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