12 Times Tumblr Was Entirely Too Incisive

Source: ekoenig on Tumblr

One of the things we love about the Internet is how easy it makes it to find our little tribe in a great big world. Which goes double for those of us who are weird or struggle to find people to relate to in real life.

If that applies to you, you’re going to love these 12 posts. And if it doesn’t apply to you…. well, it applies to everybody.

Just go with it and find out what happens.



#12. *shudder*

That feeling in your throat is everything!

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#11. It’s never pretty.

But it’s sometimes pleasantly surprising!

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#10. Especially if the bread is homemade.

I mean… I think this EVERY day of the year.

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#9. *breathes into bag*

Looks like I’ve got two more hours of this…

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#8. This is a beautiful description. Lol.

No popcorn lasts when it’s in front of me. Gone.

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#7. Every time.

Yeah, I don’t think that’s a bad thing, honestly.

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#6. Nothing better.

Ahhhh…. scritches…

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#5. Right?

So much water is where I want to be.

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#4. Nooooooo, definitely not.

Doom scrolling is a real thing!

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#3. It’s gross AND funny.

There’s SOOOOO much in there!

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#2. Earbuds are the work of the devil.

It feels so bad.

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#1. Accurate as anything ever.

It’ll never get clean.

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Which one of these Tumblr posts made you sit up and take notice? Anything really make you smile?

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Thanks, fam!