12 Tweets to Keep Ya Laughin’ Forever

Source: @murrman5 on Twitter

When something like a tweet strikes you as funny, you don’t always know why. But listen – you shouldn’t question things like that.

Your brain and your soul knows it’s hilarious, so just giggle madly and move on with your life.

But also, if it’s something that keeps making you laugh, no matter how many times you read it, it must be shared with others.

I don’t make the rules.

11. Oh hi, fellow clueless anxiety-sufferer.

This is just nail and head.

10. I am actually wheezing.

This is hilarious all the time.

9. It might be too soon.

But hey, that’s comedy.

8. You knew everyone was going to join in eventually.

This visual is amazing.

7. What DID people do?

Just lived with it, I guess.

6. You can do it you can do it.

But actually you have no control over anything.

Image Credit: Twitter

5. That would put a damper on things.

Quick, someone put this scene in a movie.

4. It’s one reason among many, to be sure.

But seriously what is up with English food?

3. Imagine seeing that sign and your brain doing this.

I honestly don’t think I can.

2. It’s definitely a whole vibe.

I feel this deep in my soul.

Image Credit: Twitter

1. Seriously, show me the difference.

You can’t. I can’t. No one can.

Image Credit: Twitter

I’m thrilled that someone started this thread and that people shared these gems with the rest of us!

Do you have a tweet that just keeps giving you the giggles? Share it with us in the comments!