12 Women Share The Moment They Realized Their Boyfriends Loved Them

There’s about a million places you can go on the internet if you want to lose faith in humanity, and in relationships in particular (looking at you, reddit/am i the a$$hole), but what about all of those great, healthy love stories out there/

If you love love, you’re going to want to dive face first into these posts about the moment women realized their guy was in it for the long haul.

12. He’s a proactive person.

And helps out grandma? Win!

11. Can it be creepy and cute?



10. He thought she was fascinating.

Enough to watch her bake cake after cake.

9. Disagreeing well is key.

If you’ve been in a volatile relationship, you know.


8. This is a huge thing.

She’ll never forget it.


7. It didn’t scare him away.

And why should it?

6. He made sure she was taken care of.

And that her stress was at a minimum.


5. They believe in you.

And listen when you talk, too!

4. A helpmate is priceless.

A good one even more so.

3. He doesn’t forget.

And he takes care to make sure of that.


2. He dropped everything.

She needed him!

1. This made my heart skip a beat.

He knew it was important to her.

Ahhh, aren’t these refreshing?

When did you know your SO was in love? Tell us the story in the comments!