Over 10 Million Letters Have Been Delivered To People’s Future Selves

All over the internet, you can find regular people and celebrities giving “advice” to their younger selves – things they wish they had known earlier, or at a specific age, with the goal of helping those people who are still young enough to benefit in their place.

Image Credit: FutureMe.org

What would you say to the future version of yourself, though?

If you’re curious why this site is so popular, who uses it, and what they tell their future selves, read on!

11. It seems like a great New Year’s tradition, no?

Definitely better than all of those resolutions you’re going to break.

10. This person uses it to set long-term goals.

It probably helps keep them accountable, too.

9. I bet those letters from 2019 to 2020 were pretty funny.

No one knew what was coming.

8. You can use it for memories.

Things you definitely want to revisit, for one reason or another.


7. The older you get, the more useful this feature might be.

Adding pictures would be a bonus!

6. It can help keep things in perspective.

So many things seem like less of a big deal in retrospect.

5. Who doesn’t love a time capsule?

Literally everyone loves those.

4. Celebrate how far you’ve come.

It can be like a love letter to yourself.

3. Sometimes we don’t even realize how things have changed.

Little changes over time.

2. I’m impressed with how self-reflective people are.

And how much it seems to help them.

1. She would be so proud.

Why am I tearing up??


I’m intrigued, I’m not going to lie.

Are you going to send a message to future you? Tell us why or why not in the comments!