13 Brands Whose Ethics Are Costing Them Customers

It’s true, I think, that many people don’t want to know all of the bad, immoral, and even questionable practices of the brands they shop and love. It makes it easier to turn a blind eye, continuing to buy what we enjoy and not worry too much about the other stops in the process.

If you’re someone who is concerned about animal welfare, child labor, human rights violations, and safe practices, you might want to scroll through this list of 13 companies who are not doing it right.

13. Please, please don’t take my Ben & Jerry’s.

Digiorno and tons of frozen food brands are owned by nestle too.

They own so many brands that it’s hard to not buy from them and still buy any packaged foods.

They don’t own Ben & Jerrys though!

12. As if small businesses don’t have enough troubles.

Zara, they’re disgusting.

They straight up steal designs and ideas from small businesses and refuse to give credit or pay for what they’ve taken.

Their clothing is overpriced poor quality garbage.

11. Not basically – it is.

Tik Tok – it’s basically Chinese spyware.

Also, it’s just Vine.


10. Color me not-shocked.

Random one, but Kylie Jenner.

She exploited young fans by saying she didn’t have fillers and looks like she has big lips from wearing lipstick and liner. Then sold Kylie lip kits to take advantage of self conscious girls wanting bigger lips, and seriously thinking that she hadn’t used filler.

She stole designs from smaller brands and used them for her own clothing, pretending her company made the designs.

Then her skincare is awful. Overpriced stuff that barely works, and the scrub will cause serious damage to your skin.

Another which some have commented on. She isn’t paying her workers in Bangladesh. She is taking advantage of desperate people in order to save money…when she is close to being a billionaire.

Overall she just exploits her fans for money. Nothing she does is actually as good as it is made out to be.

9. The big ones are always bullies.

Walmart and Amazon. I work for a small transport company so Ive seen how they bully small companies with fines for like, everything if you don’t do things their way.

Plus they also have a lot of internal stories about terrible employee treatment.

8. “If I would have known that was frowned upon…”


It seems every year they are either putting malicious code or conveniently overlooked security backdoors into their hardware.

And when called out on it, their response is “Was that wrong?

Should we not have done that?”

7. The actual story here is terrible.

Honestly, McDonald’s.

After running that poor old lady through the mud for literally serving coffee that was dangerously hot and then refusing to pay her bills over their coffee being so hot that it gave her third degree burns and nearly killed her after putting her in shock….

All she wanted was her medical bills paid for. She only sued because they kept refusing, despite the courts saying that 190 degree coffee was too dangerous to serve in the end. They were in the wrong, and painted her lawsuit as frivolous and that she was the idiot.

Coffee is hot, but it shouldn’t be served at 190 degrees…. Plus the way they treat the franchisees and employees. Food ain’t good enough for me to want to give them any money.

6. It’s made by a kid like you.

I will never forget when I was in the 4th grade, wearing a GAP kids tank top.

A cool teenager told me that the GAP uses child labour and I just thought, “oh sh%t”.

I’ve never bought anything from the GAP to this day.

5. When the same ones keep coming up…

Nestlé and its brands, Mars, Hershey, and Folgers.

More generally I don’t buy any chocolate, coffee, or clothing that uses exploitative labor, as far as is in my power.

Lots of child slave labor in those industries.

4. This one would be so tough.

I’m really trying to stop shopping on Amazon.

It’s tough. I live in a pretty rural area and I’m not shopping in stores at all lately, but I’m finding substitute vendors for things I can’t do without…

3. You can feel the awful in their ads.


They openly market illegal/dangerous products (glock auto sear) and sell products copied from creators without consent.

2. It’s a darn shame.


I love crunch bars and butterfingers but once I learned how nestle operates I stopped buying them.

1. Terrible person, terrible company.

Well in light of recent events Jeffree Star cosmetics.

He’s racist AF!

Some of these are super disappointing – I already had to give up my Hershey’s Kisses!

Is there something you’d add to the list? Tell us what company and why you don’t buy from them in the comments!