13 Cakes That Might Make You Scratch Your Head

These poor cakes…and then there’s the people who have to eat them…

Cakes are supposed to be fun and bring us joy. What they’re NOT supposed to do is make us furious, angry, confused, and possibly sick.

But I think all of these cake disasters probably did that. And then some.

What’s the world coming to when you can’t even rely on a cake to be decent and festive anymore? Your guess is as good as mine, friends…

Take a look at these cakes and try not to get too upset, okay? And remember to pray for the people who actually received them, whatever the occasion happened to be.

1. Not the warmest welcome.

Maybe the roommate will warm up to you?

I moved into my girlfriend’s apartment today and her roommate baked me a cake. from funny

2. Beware of the zombie known as Ariel.

You’re going to scare the children!

I tried to make my niece an Ariel cake for her third birthday and it came out looking like a zombie. I see no future for myself in cake decorating. from funny

3. Dad is a little depressed about this.

And who can blame him?

I’m a triplet, just turning 17. Out of the three of us, I was the only one to pass my road test. My dad got us a cake. from funny

4. I’m sure he really loved this.

No more seeds, though…

There’s a cake for EVERYTHING from funny

5. This is a huge occasion.

Now you know she’s the one.

A cake from a bf to gf after 13 months together, she finally farted! from funny

6. Not too subtle, huh?

Die! Die!

Mother-in-law just served me this piece of cake… from funny

7. I don’t care…

Maybe he’ll think twice next time he thinks about saying that.

Every year I get my boyfriend a cake for his birthday. This year I asked what type he wanted. He said “I don’t care.” from funny

8. They nailed it!

That’s what friends are for.

Got laid off – my work friends nailed my going away cake. from funny

9. Well, that was nice.

At least she addressed the issue, right?

Hooked up with a friend who told a bunch of people. She felt bad for telling everyone, so she got me this cake. from funny

10. That’s kind of terrifying.

Is anyone gonna eat this?

My mum was asked to make a baby shower cake. Let’s just say… No one wanted to cut the cord! from ATBGE

11. Amazing! I love it!

I wish I knew more about this person.

So my friend recently got a job at DQ. This is the first thing she was asked to write on a cake. from funny

12. Intern life.

I’m sure Noah had a good laugh.

Send your interns off properly from funnycakes

13. My eyes!

This is NOT cool.

To recreate elsa. from funnycakes

Now we’d like to hear from you.

In the comments, tell us about some very weird cakes, desserts, or meals that you’ve come across in your days.

The weirder the better!