13 Chilling Memes for the True Crime Obsessed

With quarantine not ending any time soon, us true crime fans have even more time to dedicate to the next chilling murder mystery.

Every new podcast leads to a bottomless pit of shocking offenses. Somehow, learning about serial killers is more soothing than engaging with the current news cycle.

Here are 13 true crime memes for those of us who are totally hooked.

1. For your mental health

Who needs a guided meditation video when you have the Ted Bundy court tapes?

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2. Some people are so fake

The internet has existed for how many years now? No need to act surprised.

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3. The stuff that spies are made of

Next stop, federal government.

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4. Too real

Very rude of the internet to leak this candid photo of me without my permission.

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5. Tips from the OG

There’s no away any serial killer would pay for Netflix.

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6. Hang on a sec

This is like when you re-listen to your favorite part of the song because it didn’t hit you hard enough the first time.

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7. Love at first sight

Every girl’s dream – all in one photo.

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8. Duh

I think we all knew this anyway.

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9. Let’s be real

If I wanted a feel-good narrative, I’d binge a British baking show, not My Favorite Murder.

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10. A quick fix

This is better than therapy!

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11. When worlds collide

If nothing else, the true crime fandom is definitely one of the most dedicated.

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12. I’m down

We’re all just looking for that special someone who will analyze the Casey Anthony trial with us.

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13. Yoda knows what’s up

Much like the Jedi after Order 66, us true crime fans are often forced into a life of secrecy.

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Well, that managed to get my heart rate up for about five minutes.

Maybe now I can expand my efforts to socialize beyond just listening to nice women hashing out the details of a very obscure murder that happened in Wisconsin.

What are some of your favorite true crime memes? Share them with us in the comments below!